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Hello there readers. Bet you're wondering where the updates have been for a while.

Well the answer is that I've been on vacation for a couple of weeks, meaning that I haven't had regular access to my blog to provide you with interesting updates that you may otherwise like to read from time to time. I do however have an interesting update to come with a post of my experiences taking a vacation in Toronto, Canada.

There will be interesting observations, how I feel about tipping and state taxes, the nightlife, a trip to Niagara Falls, photos and the odd video or two.

Be sure to check Honeyman-On in the next couple of days to see what it is all about...

Feel like posting any comments on the matter or your own experiences in the pleasant country north of the USA? Feel free to post them in the Comments section down below.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 video builds up the fire

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is almost upon the fighting game community

So it has been well known that a sequel to the has been in the works for a while now with an imenent release in Japanese arcades this Autumn.

To whet the tastebuds of eager fans fund below a trailer for the title with a wicked remix of the main theme from the first TTT released back in 2000.

Are you looking forward to Tekken Tag Tournament 2? Feel free to post any thoughts in the Comments section down below.



So it has been nearly two months now since my last update on the blog here. I can only apologise for my lack of frequent updates but what with moving, readjusting to a new shift and trying to fit it around everything else, updating the blog has temporarily faded into the background as of recent.

I wil try to get back to regular updates on the blog soon as I do enjoy doing it and need to get back into a routine.

Look forward to future updates soon.

By the way, you might like to check out my friend Seb's blog in the meantime as his output has been quite high as of late. Take a look if you're interested:

Signing out for now.


Seb's new mixtape is quality humourous gold

In a more humourous twist on his most excellent mix tapes, outright great soul Sebski has put together a new mixtape for the adoring masses (except this time its a little tongue in cheek).

Be sure to check it out and leave any thoughts on what you think in the Commetns section below.


Tweets coming at you on a sunny Summer weekend

So this week's Tweets of our favourite three Japanese developers carries some interesting information regarding the current projects they are working on.

Producer on beat-em-up Street Fighter IV, Yoshinori Ono, responds to a fan's request for new DLC in SF: Arcade Edition regarding the potential inclusion of Elena (keeping things ambiguous as usual). He also confirmed that fans should not expect Street Fighter X Tekken on other platforms beyond the 360, PS3 and Playstation Vita.

Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada talks about dragon radars and gaining the Gametrailers award for best fighting game at this year's E3 event in Los Angeles. He also commented on the mention that the game could be multiplatform, stating that it is too early a stage to truly say if this will be the case or not.

And Hideo Kojima comments on a show he went to see at the Dome Theater called Young Alive, The Future of the Opening IPS Cell, explaining that it features prolific voice actress Nana Mizuki and Shouzo Iizuka together with CG elements crafted in 3D to boot.

The games designer also reminisces on a photo from 20 years ago, showing him and former work colleagues who worked on earlier Metal Gear Solid games, wondering if the girl on the right in the was at the time the new recruit Sato-san (which you can see HERE)

An update not too much out of the ordinary from our famed developers then. Be sure to continue checking Honeyman-On for more weekly updates and feel free to leave any comments you want to in the section below.


The week's tweets talk of returns home, Tekken on iPhone and Saturday TV dramas

Hello again avid readers and welcome to this week's updates of our well known Japanese game developers. This time around we have tales of returning to Japan, iPhone games and dramas on Japanese TV station NHK.

Let's start with the latest update from Super Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono.

Returning from this year's E3 in Los Angeles, he explains that he has returned a heavy rain-ridden Japan which is no surprise given the country is in the middle of tsuyu (known to Westerners as rainy season).

He remarks that it feels that the tasks related to the presentations at E3 are done and dusted, charging up for the next project presentation he will have to give when he gets back to Capcom.

In response to a fan's question on his Twitter account as to whether Tekken will appear on the iPhone at some points, series producer Katsuhiro Harada replies that this is merely unconfirmed at this stage, adding that an iPhone Tekken game may just be a little difficult.

And Metal Gear Solid producer Hideo Kojima talks of a Saturday afternoon TV drama called Otokotachi no Tabiji (Journeys of Men for Western ears).

The film-minded game designer comments on the series' stars Shinichi Chiba and Masao Kusakari also starring in another drama together that carries the name of Jyujirou (Cross in English). He wonders if and when this will receive a DVD release, ever being the eager consumer of media.

Another interesting week in the lives of our three renowned games designers then. Feel free to leave any thoughts in the Comments section below, continue checking Honeyman-On for more Twitter updates and some original content in the near future as well (as soon as life calms down again).


Sebski's mixtape is the greatest...

Hey there interested followers. Be sure to check out my good friend Seb's latest mixtape he put together courtesy of the cool website Mixcloud:

Any thoughts (or should be feelings) on Sebski's mixtape? Feel free to post them in the Comments section below.

You can check out the fellow's Facebook page here too: Seb's Facebook


This week's Tweets are great and interesting

Hello again and thanks for checking out Honeyman-On for the latest Twitter updates from our three main Japanese developers.

This week we have updates from Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono wanting to make sure that one of his followers returns home safely and has checked out the Himlock Dome. He also refers to something called WINERY which he bursts out in song at although what this is related to exactly, one can only guess.

Metal Gear Solid producer Hideo Kojima asks his followers if they have read the short story Satori in this month's issue of the magazine Da Vinchi, wanting to see how they felt about it.

And Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada has a follower that doesn't often remember his correct name for one of his followers, instead wanting to see if he could refer to them by their affectionate nickname of El Boro Harada Nachos or Erohana instead (together with funny face).

All in all, some brief and slightly exciting updates from our main developers at Capcom, Konami and Namco. Be sure to check Honeyman-On again where we will be able to check the updates of our favourite Japanese developers when next weekend comes around.


A very quick post for those interested in great mix tapes, check out my good freind Sebski's latest offering (via Mixcloud) and enjoy.

Feel free to post any thoughts and comments in the section below once you've had a listen.

Busy days

Sorry I haven't updated the blog in the last week. Real life has been quite hectic what with arranging to move and changing job location soon.

Do keep on checking Honeyman-on for updates on the latest Twitter updates of Japanese developers. I'll keep it going as long as I a able to...


The weekly tweet updates are coming

So we once again have our weekly Tweet updates for consumption by interested parties. Let's start with the postings of Street Fighter IV producer, Yoshinori Ono.

In his most recent post he highlights that the team is in the process of checking the progress on upcoming crossover fighting title, Street Fighter X Tekken.

He remarked that using post-its in this IT age seems a little low tech, but it is the easiest way to inform everyone on the team. As Monday roles around, the weekend is left for preparation, preparation.

Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada explains that during a recent presentation, the feedback that he received as a result of recent playtesting had provided a clear impact.

He also remarks that even though Heihachi had his trademark bald patch and hair it didn't make as much of an impact as he had expected, wishing that he could have made the head of the Mishima family a little bit older this time around instead.

And Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has had time to spend with his child that he had with his now divorced wife. He even got to take him to the centre where the motion capture is carried out.

Kojima explained that he has made an impression on other kids that it may seem that all he does is play games rather than get down to work at his current workplace. His own child had also remarked that although he is often busy, really all he seems to be doing is play games.

Trust a son to point out the truths of his father.

Be sure to continue checking the Twitter updates of these three developers via Honeyman-On, updated once a week and maybe even some interesting news comes our way.


Developers tweets, episodes, long sleep, old eyes and late nights

Well the Twitters of our three favourite Japanese developers are red hot as usual with their regular updates on their job and personal developments:

Yoshinori Ono has pointed fans of the upcoming Tekken X Street Fighter to check out the Episode 0 movie on the dedicated Japanese website, highlighting that it is full of fisticuffs and fighting.

He also replies to one fan's question, stating that even if characters die in the Tekken series of games, death is meaningless (possibly hinting at the supposed death of Heihachi Mishma in Tekken 5 and Kazuya before that in the prior games).

Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada realises it is far too late in the day to be using Twitter, updating at 4:26am in the morning and explaining that he will pass fans' opinions onto the development team.

Asked by a fan if this was annoying (despite Harada's polite replies) to have to respond to so many question from his Twitter account, he answers that only the questions of users 思い込み & Jumping the gun have lots to them (joking around, of course).

And Metal Gear Solid series producer Hideo Kojima explains that he has slept for 9 hours already...

It is really poor that he can't read a book properly with his old weary eyes.

And upon playing Playstation 3 FPS Killzone 3, he explains that he found Shin-chan. Could it be referring to Crayon Shin-chan by chance? For readers' perusal, find below an image of the show's main protagonist:

Crayon Shin-chan, for the uninitiated

Be sure to keep on checking Honeyman-On for Tweets of the best Japanese developers together with some other interesting updates too (they will be coming, honest).


Tweets are tweets, just in Japanese

So in recent tweets from our trusted 3 developers, Super Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono has retweeted Tekken producer Kastsuhiro Harada's Tweet on wearing the local code of dress whilst in Dubai over his regular everyday clothes, mentioning that it suits him more to be dressed that way (and that he already doesn't want to return to Japan)

Katushiro Harada has brought to our attention the date for the next location test for the upcoming release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, scheduled for May 16th.

He has also commented wearing clothes sent in from fans together with his trademark sunglasses, colliding into Japanese women's luggage, apologising profusely and almost feeling like crying.

And Hideo Kojima has updated his Twitter explaining that he trapped his little toe in the door this morning, resulting in it becoming quite swollen. He went on to explain that he had taken a photograph of it but had not upped it to his Twitter yet as it was mealtime.

All in all, exciting information from our three developers from Capcom, Namco and Konami. Be sure to keep on checking Honeyman-On for regular updates and I do promise additional updates as well.


To keep the output going and a link to a friend's ideas

In my efforts to keep the blog going I will definitely keep the Twitter updates going and also try to update with some interesting tidbits along the way.

The next couple of months may get very busy for me but I'll do my best to provide updates to readers.

In the meantime, check my friend's Posterous account for some very interesting readings and ideas (Clark O'Gara's Posterous):

And some thought provoking and stimulating stories:


An interesting way to spend a sunny morning...

...and Good Night!


A suitable mixtape for a sunny day

Another quick post but for anyone who is interested, you can sample my friend's recent mixtape if you fancy having a listen sometime. It will certainly bring your day up and a smile to your face.color:#999;">Electro Mix 2: Super Electro Fighter Ii Turbo by Kinsta on Mixcloud


Link to an old friend's website

Just a brief update but a valid one all the same. I have an old friend who is an upcoming and hard-working artist, based in Wakefield and currently studying at university.

If you have the time, do check his website out and feel free to leave comments. It's really, really special.

Charles Saul, Fine Artist


Twitter, twitter, twitter

So, for this week's update we have for you a bit of Hideo chatting about listening to an interview of the director for the film Mr. Nobody, Jacko Van Dolmar:

He talks of how the director explained that an artist's role is not a simple but complex profession, feeling that through his film he made its often simplified image appear more substantial, transmitting its complexity.

Kojima remarks that he admires this in the director.

Yoshinori Ono gets asked if Sakura and Asuka will appear in the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken:

And Katushiro Harada advises that he will be visiting Dubai soon,

And jokes about giving out his credit card details via PSN.

All in all, a fairly standard week (oh yes, there was a breach of the Playstation Network as well but that has been mentioned a thousand times already).

Be sure to keep on checking the blog for updates of these developer's tweets and other news (I promise I will update with something different soon).

Any thoughts, feel free to post them in the Comments section below.


Three-way Twitter update

So, given that the weather is nice today and I should be outside enjoying the sun rather than updating this (but I've done everything I need to do today, just about), you can see the updates for Yoshinori Ono, Katsuhiro Harada and Hideo Kojima down below.

Producer on the Street Fighter IV series, Yoshinori Ono, has updated his Twitter tweeting that he will return to Japan from San Fransisco after his recent visit to Capcom USA. He also explains that he had with him some important ROM that will be shown at this year's E3. Could it be Street Fighter X Tekken? We'll have to wait until E3.

Producer on the Tekken series of games, Katsuhiro Harada, has updated his Twitter account explaining that the current recording sessions will probably not finish today, eating canned food in the studio the whole day, being poisoined with thoughts of reading the manga Golgo 13, voice actors in Kagawa prefecture, voice actors and impossible directing duties in recording.

And game director on the MGS series of games, Hideo Kojima, has updated his Twitter feed, explaining that he has finished reading the novel "Genocide" written by Kouno Toshiaki, being amused by it, the novel having an interesting translation and its author's uncommon outlook on the world, carrying many elements that run in the MGS series such as the Iron Mountain report, PMC, child soldiers, and military-industrial complexes.

Be sure to continue checking Honeyman-on for updates on the tweets of these game creators as they update their Twitters and also for other pieces of information and news.

And enjoy the sun whilst you can catch it.


Kojima's tweets are scenic

Kojima's recent tweets on his Twitter account have taken a more scenic turn with updates detailing the setting sun:

And noting that we are still in the season of Spring:

Given the artistic flair of the Metal Gear Solid series of games, is it any wonder Kojima has such a leaning towards the beauty of nature?

Do keep on checking Honeyman-on for updates and feel free to post any thoughts in the Comments section below.

Yoshinori Ono to attend E3

So in one of his latest tweets, Yoshinori Ono has confirmed that he is going to attend this year's E3 in June in Los Angeles.

Any expectations of what he will show at the event beyond Street Fighter X Tekken? Any thoughts, feel free to post them in the Comments section and look forward to the next tweet update.


Harada talks Anna's face

So Katsuhiro Harada has updated his Twitter once again, showing his appreciation for all of the positive updates on the dedicated Facebook/Twitter pages.

He also talks about being happy that the team were able to improve the facial animation of character Anna Williams in the upcoming title Tekken Tag Tournament 2 together with bringing the facial animation of other characters in the game up to scratch too. Will avid players get to see these improvements at the upcoming location test? Those lucky enough to attend should post in the comments section with their verdict.

Until next update.


Kojima answers questions

So Kojima updated his Twitter again recently with details of his latest instalment of Hideo Channel Radio once again. He mentions that his answers will be provided via a certain magazine (but which magazine will that be?)

He also briefly laments that answering questions for around 30 minutes can prove to be a little heavy.

Be sure to keep on checking Honeyman-on for regular updates as regular as I can provide them (and as long as my eyes don't drop out from my day job first!)


Yoshinori Ono takes a holiday

The producer on beat-em-up title Super Street Fighter IV, Yoshinori Ono, has posted that he has been able to take a holiday from work for the first time in a month. What would any member of a prestigious games development team do on a valued day off? Play more Street Fighter it seems.

Continue to check Honeyman-on for updates from the best Japanese developers' Twitters as well as other riveting updates.


Yoshinori Ono updates from the beach with some friends

So a recent update via the Twitter subsite Twipple sees Super Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono update from this year's Captivate with his trademark Blanka together with bobble heads of Ryu and Kazuya.

Looking forward to the news releases from Captivate '11? Do check Honeyman-on in the near future for updates of the main announcements from this year's Capcom news-fest.


Katushiro's Twitter today

So, Harada-san has spoken in his recent tweet and response by another tweeter of his desire to visit Toronto and Canada. The reply to the tweet suggests that Toronto, Canada would be a great destination to visit. Could this be for some form of trade show? Or is he just expressing his own desires regarding his future holiday destination?

Be sure to check Honeyman-on in the near future for more updates on the best game developer Twitter updates (and other things, or course).


Short post for some potentially interesting news

See if this works for you at all Mr. Hill.

Regards, Patrick.

Tweets of news from 3 big Japanese game designers

So the recent tweets of Katsuhiro Harada, Hideo Kojima and Atsushi Inaba show that Tekken facebook page has reached 1 million users, Kojima's talks about listening to the latest music and Atsushi Inaba talks about his upcoming title, Max Anarchy.

Be sure to check Honeyman-on once again for an update on these fellow's Twitter accounts in the near future.


The Sixth: Colour of Sky

Awaking to any colour of sky, each morning at the same time. Hear the humdrum of the vehicles as they pass by on the city streets, a substitute alarm to that by my bedside. The invisible hand pulls me from the mattress and I break into my daily routine, going through oh so familiar motions.

First day of the week, progressing fine. Second day of the week, getting by. Third and fourth days of the week are sluggish as usual. Last day of the week just makes me want to escape away.

Days off are days of luxury. Free days to do what I choose to, sticking to a plan or no plan at all. Enjoy them whilst they are here for they pass all too quickly, wrapping the week around once again. Cherish their value for they are yours to enjoy and utilise as you please.

Keep it brief but await The Seventh, soon.


The Fifth: Pace of Life

In it's deluge, they who are born swim in the sea of life. It's pace ever speeding but never limitless, it prays for those who like to be absorbed in its swash. Sometimes not noticing the way of the currents, the tides go back and forth, pressing against the States and Japan as each wave turns a new sign of change in the world's progression.

Seemingly still yet with a presence of growth, these changes sneak up unawares on individuals in their time. it strikes as a venom, spreading through the body and joints in a paralysing fashion, chilling those infected to the spot. Not without the want for someone to come save them, unable to progress to the next stage.

It can't be stopped but there is joy in the madness. Albeit fleeting and sometimes hard to grasp, life's little pleasures are things we can take for ourselves. From that simple enjoyable meal or a new dress shirt to an interesting game, CD or DVD, they who find value within the simple things in life can appreciate on their unstoppable journey that which is joyful to hold.

Appreciate both sides of life. We each have only one, for all their ups and downs. Take from it what you will, it's yours.

Please kindly await The Sixth.


The Fourth: Shifting of stuff

Moving around, evocative tones. The ability to have everything and yet nothing, allowing for variety and an exchange of ideas. The want for more and yet trying to balance it with less. How does an individual make it so?

Is there ever too much or can it be too little? Ever progressing and speeding technology, allowing for more to happen quickly. Dare to keep up, or catch a Cafe Nero and chill? Aim for the stars or just get by?

Having possessions helps keep us happy. Whether by necessity or sheer promotion, the accruing of stuff is something that can be great whilst overwhelming. Will we move purely towards a digital age or are we forever going to hang among mountains of materials and physical goods?

I leave the end decision on that, to the readers...


MVC3 Impressions

Courtesy of my kind friends (thank you Zee) I managed to give the latest in the stunning crossover of two fictional worlds a spin with Marvel vs.Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.

The fighter will throw off any fan of the genre to begin with. In efforts to keep matches swift, characters carry less vitality meaning they can be flawed easier from only 3-4 decent combos. Also, the in-game X-Factor (activated by pressing all four main attack buttons) allows for hefty power and speed boosts, bringing any former sense of game balance right down to zero.

The latest iteration is a heap of fun though. The roster is varied with the likes of Resident Evil's Wesker, DMC's Dante and Bionic Commando's Spencer alongside the likes of Marvel's X-23, Phoenix and Deadpool.

The game remains user-friendly enough to allow beginners to give their best whilst higher-level players can show off their combo ability and skills in the heat of battle. MvC3 doesn't hide its beauty, the music and sound effects reminiscent of previous iterations in the franchise from Ryu's trademark theme to varied tracks for new entrants.

Among the modes on offer include Arcade, Versus, Training, Mission Mode and Online for players to face off against each other as they duke it out. News of future costumes and characters (Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath have already been announced) via DLC are also highly anticipated.

MvC3 is worth checking out after the ten year wait. Seasoned players may be initially surprised at the changes but once they become accustomed to what has been altered they will get used to most of the adjustments.


The Third: Eyes Always Open

Hodi's lack of sleep is his main driver, providing him with the means to drive on regardless of whatever comes to hit him. Dishevelled and coarse, peaking through puffy eyes that hold nothing back. Relishes the good old days when things were more exciting and happening, the people he knew were all on their way to different goals and ventures.

Waking in the morning, or is that the evening? Being alert and responsive to the world around you, wanting to participate in its ongoing flow, knowing that it paces on ahead of you as you wake with each day. The knowledge of what is held before like that written in a book, providing details on not only what is to come but what may happen.

Is it the daytime, or is it the evening? The days just seem to be a blur. Irregular hours and a shifting format present a new way of living, that of day to day, week to week. They who enter a sweet slumber are fortunate enough to capture some downtime. Everyone else just keeps on rolling to the best of their ability.

Caffeine is ever a friend as a stimulant for continued work and growth. It keeps the head alert and makes once dozy minds perk up, allowing for progress and diligence to persevere in the toughest of times. That which can stretch man beyond his recognised limitations, further than that which he accepts and recognises.

Eyes always open. Peering out and straight to the world. Know there is no end as you gaze upon that which lies out in front of you. Always with open eyes.



The spinning of feet upon the floor. The journeying of man through the whirlwind. His feet and hands entwined in the air, creating room for changing twists. Sending himself through the motions, bringing his body down into a shape, he moves and contorts like a snake, writhing like seeking its next feed.

The music plays out like any regular ritual, always proud and present in its execution. He sees the ability to bring life to his creation, making him causeworthy and able to step forth in the crowd.It fills him with joy, hardship and somewhat sorrow as he recognises the path and makes it become something substantial. The time and ability to reocognise his purpose, it reaches out and bellows his name.

The major call of purpose and identifying that particular move. Defining it and seizing the moment. There is no wrong in its presence or captivation. It is always there, ascertainable through perseverance and hindsight. Working towards a greater goal, its realisation something that can be chewed upon.

Develop up a dancing style. Come and show it all the while. Stand by the sidelines and feel somewhat woozy. Let those who are able put forward their best moves, bringing it down and representing for the night.

Peace yo.