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Twitter, twitter, twitter

So, for this week's update we have for you a bit of Hideo chatting about listening to an interview of the director for the film Mr. Nobody, Jacko Van Dolmar:

He talks of how the director explained that an artist's role is not a simple but complex profession, feeling that through his film he made its often simplified image appear more substantial, transmitting its complexity.

Kojima remarks that he admires this in the director.

Yoshinori Ono gets asked if Sakura and Asuka will appear in the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken:

And Katushiro Harada advises that he will be visiting Dubai soon,

And jokes about giving out his credit card details via PSN.

All in all, a fairly standard week (oh yes, there was a breach of the Playstation Network as well but that has been mentioned a thousand times already).

Be sure to keep on checking the blog for updates of these developer's tweets and other news (I promise I will update with something different soon).

Any thoughts, feel free to post them in the Comments section below.

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