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News scans of Marvel vs capcom 3 show game's looking good

Hey there folks. Guess you've missed my updated recently but I've been a very busy individual the last few weeks and hope to return to a regular pace for updating from now on, starting with some scans of upcoming title Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Thanks to more scans have been released of the upcoming crossover fighter. You can either check them out over at their website or view them right below here if you like:

Loving the comic book-style they're going with here and one can only hope that this looks as good in motion as it does in screens. More info and a playable version should be available at this year's E3 event so hopefully we'll be able to see whether the game will sink or swim there. In the meantime, admire the comic book-style screens on offer here and look forward to what's to come.

Thanks to Event Hubs for the scans