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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite screens, UNIEL: Exl details and more

This week has felt a little overwhelming with the amount of fighting game news that has been shared on the internet. This here genre fan is doing his best to keep up with it all, however.

Marvel has been considerate enough to share a variety of screens for its upcoming Capcom-developed 2-vs-2 fighter, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. You can check these out below.

Next we have more details on the updated release of developer French Bread's weapons: based fighter, Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st].

The latest information from Amazon's product page for the game explains that there will be 4 new characters added to the existing roster. We are already aware of whip-wielding Phonon and power gauntlet-wearing Mika. Dark martial artist Enkidu was recently detailed in this news update over at Gameatsu. That leaves one additional as of yet unconfirmed character to add to the cast.

A recent post over at Shoryuken has rumoured that this could be either Erika Wagner or Uzuki (characters that have either shown up in the existing game's scenario or via concept art.   



 It wouldn't be too unexpected and more new additions to the existing roster if what is quite the interesting 1-on-1 fighter are always welcome.

There will also be a Capcom Pro Tour competition taking place on Austin, Texas this weekend with its Dreamhack Expo.

Capcom will be streaming many of the matches which you can catch over at its Twitch channel here.

That's all the news I've got for you avid readers for now. What do you make of this recent flood of information? Will you be watching any of the fighting taking place at Dreamhack this weekend? And which fighter are your looking forward to the most this year? Feel free to share your thoughts on the Comments section here on the blog. Alternatively you can share this post via Facebook, Twitter or your social network of choice.


Marvel vs Capcom Infinite has a new trailer

Hello eveyone. I hope you are well at this time of year when the weather is as uncertain as the country's future (maybe). To brighten up our outlook, Capcom shared a new trailer for its upcoming 2-vs-2 fighter, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

The latest in Capcom's crossover series is returning to the 2-on-2 format established in the earlier Marvel/Capcom crossover titles. This trailer shares footage of long-term Street Fighter mainstay, Chun-Li, everyone's favourite green avenger, The Incredible Hulk, possessor of one cool laser sword and various robotic assistants, Strider Hiryu, and Norse demi-god and wielder of the might hammer Mjolnir, Thor. The villain from Avengers: Age of Ultron also makes an appearance, displaying his prowess and abilities.

You can check out the latest trailer for the game below:

  The latest trailer for MvC Infinite showcases many 
returning faces (and a couple of new ones too).

The game is due for release on September 19th for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Capcom has announced a variety of editions that I will detail in another future update soon.

What do you think of the latest trailer for MvC: Infinite? What characters would like to see added to the upcoming title? And are there any other features you would like to see included in the game? Post any thoughts you have in the Comments section below. You can also like and share via Facebook, Twitter or your social network of choice.


Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev2 scheduled to launch on May 26th in Europe

In a recent announcement by publisher PQube via Twitter, it has been confirmed that the latest in the Guilty Gear franchise, GGXrd: Rev 2, will be coming to the PS3/PS4 in Europe on May 26th.

The next entry in ASW's recent revival ofits weapons-based fighter,

Guilty Gear Xrd:Rev 2

The update will add characters Baiken and Answer to the existing roster. The existing characters Jam, Kum Haehyun, Raven and Dizzy will also get story scenarios as these were missing from GGXrd: Rev.

Baiken's three-hit wonder of a super
returns to Guilty Gear
Chipp's PA and all-round
business ninja, Answer, joins the fray

Those interested can either purchase the standalone physical or digital release on PS4, and as a $19.99 digital upgrade to Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev for either the PS4/PS3 (an educated guess would suggest that it will be £19.99/€19.99 for the upgrade on the UK/EU PSN and £39.99/€39.99 at retail).

Players of characters like Sol will have a hard time
keeping track of Answer's agile movement during battle

What do you think about the recent announcement for the upcoming GGXrd: Rev2? Any thoughts, feel free to share them in the Comments section here. Alternatively you can share this update via Facebook, Twitter or your social network of choice.


A variety of new costumes inbound for SFV

As mentioned earlier, the volume of fighting game news means I wanted to split these into different updates. Here's the second one.

As mentioned in my earlier post, this last week has seen a swarm of information from developers of some of the most beloved fighting game series on the market. One of those is Capcom with Street Fighter V.

Despite the disappointing announcement of the eponymous developer having to delay its latest major update to its current mainstream fighter, it has been more forthcoming with its details about new costumes that will be added to the game next week on April 25th.

Concept art for the throwback to Bison's SFII Thailand stage

Its first post over on the Capcom unity blog details that they will be adding a nostalgia stage and three school-themed costumes to the game next week. You can check these out via the screens below:

Chun-Li is doing her best impression of a
Chinese honours student
As expected, Juri is fronting a very punk-inspired take
on the traditional school uniform

Ryu donning his kenka bancho getup

Capcom confirms that for those who want to rule the schoolyard, each costume will be available on April 25th for $3.99 / ¥400 / €3.99 (expect them to come in at £3.29 on the UK PSN then).

The next update earlier today from Capcom Unity shares information about additional DLC costumes that are on there way for Alex, R. Mika and Chun-Li. You can check these out via the images below:

Did Capcom staff watch Magic Mike for 
inspiration with this fireman costume 
for Alex?

Ever the consummate professional,
its Chun-Li in her business suit

I guess rowdy cheerleader matches 
R.Mika's personality

Capcom believes that for those who want to rock the workplace, these costumes join the previously announced School Costumes and will be available on April 25th for $3.99 / ¥400 /€3.99 each (again, the wallet-pleasing price of £3.29 each for the UK PSN).

So what do you think of the recent costume announcements? Do you think they are too highly priced? (we're talking about Capcom here though). Feel free to share any thoughts on the Comments section here. Alternatively you can share this update via Facebook, Twitter or your social network of choice.


A substantial fighting game update

In what could be regarded as somewhat overdue, this last week has been full of updates regarding some of the biggest fighters currently on the market. I'm going to detail them below.

Firstly is the news that The King of Fighters XIV has received four new DLC costumes for characters Kula Diamond, Meitenkun, Sylvie and Angel. Your can check these out via the trailer below:

There has also been quite the deluge of information regarding Capcom's famed fighting game series, Street Fighter V, over the last week. The most important update would be that Capcom has confirmed that it is to delay the release of the third character (of six) from its Season 2 of DLC for the game's roster.

Although this is slightly disheartening the general consensus would suggest that the fighting game community (FGC) is alright with the delay, preferring that Capcom gets it right rather than rush the next major update to CFN/DLC character out of the door before they are ready.

Although we will have to wait a little longer to find out who 
the next character is, hopefully it will be worth it.

The reassuring news is that the newest DLC character will be announced by Capcom soon and will be made available to play with the next Beta they are to arrange (wait until you see the backlash from the part of the FGC that gets angry over the new character being playable that way before the game proper though).

What do you think of the new costumes for KOF XIV? And how do you feel about Capcom delaying its next update for SFV? (those familiar with the game will have experienced this last year with the DS delayed release of Ibuki of a DLC character for the game so perhaps its not that surprising to some). Feel free to post any thoughts in the Comments section below. Alternatively you can share this update via Facebook, Twitter or your social network of choice.

(N.B I'm going to put the additional news updates in a separate post as adding it all here might be a little too much for one single post.)


KOF XIV's v2.0 update and DLC characters are now live

In a swift turnaround from their initial announcement back in February this year, SNK has released four new DLC characters for The King of Fighters XIV in tandem with its recent v2.0 update of the game.

The characters joining the existing 50-character roster include WhipRyuji YamazakiVanessa and Rock Howard. They are available on PSN in all regions now with the characters costing either £3.99 standalone or £14.99 as a bundle on the UK PSN store.

Rock, Vanessa, Yamazaki and Whip join the fray in
The King of Fighters XIV

You can check each character's profile via the link below (although it goes to the SNK Japan website the profiles are in full English):

With only releasing on April 5th this week, players are already getting to grips with the characters and what they are capable of with the mechanics available in KOF XIV. Check out the combo video covering the DLC characters below to get a taste of the combos that players have already figured out.

Just a taster of what the new characters are capable of 
(there's even crazier combos than those shown here)

All things being said, the v2.0 update and the DLC characters are shaping up to be some pretty awesome additions to a game that at launch was in a pretty solid state to begin with. If SNK continues in this fashion going forwards we may end up with a KOF entry that has the biggest roster to date.

Would you prefer SNK to continue updating KOF XIV? If so, what characters would you still like to be added to the game's roster? Or would you like them to make a true sequel to this in the next 2-3 years with updated mechanics and a shake-up of the roster? Any thoughts, share them in the Comments section below. Alternatively you can share this on Facebook, Twitter or your social network of choice.


New FOC stages for KOF XIV trailer

Continuing with the regular updates, SNK has released a trailer for the FOC stages that will be added with tomorrow's update for its latest title, The King of Fighters XIV. Check it out below.

The above two stages are a throwback to Terry's Garou Densetsu Special stage
and the Monaco stage from KOF '97

These will be free to download for all when the version 2.0 update drops on PSN tomorrow. The recently confirmed DLC characters will also be available to purchase once PSN has been updated on Wednesday (you can check the trailers and further info about WhipYamazakiVanessa and Rock by clicking on their names).

Are you happy that SNK is added FOC content to KOF XIV? And will you be buying any of the four DLC characters that will be added to the existing roster tomorrow? Feel free to share your thoughts in the Comments section below. Alternatively you can share this on Facebook, Twitter or your social network of choice.


GGXrd Rev 2 opening, details and gameplay video for KOF XIV's Rock Howard

A slew of new information has been shared by developers Arc System Works and SNK. Check out the details below

Firstly we have the opening for Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator 2 which saw release in Japanese arcades on March 30th last week. You can check this out via the video below.

The latest version of ASW's long-running series, GGXrd: Rev 2

This version adds the one-armed, eyepatch-wearing female samurai and returning series favourite Baiken. Joining her is political aid to Chipp Zanuff and the ever-ready business ninja, Answer. You can check how their character images out below.

One bad-ass (and one-handed) samurai, Baiken.
Always ready to send you a business card,
Chipp's PA, Answer.

Developer SNK also cared to share a gameplay trailer for one of its upcoming DLC characters for The King of Fighters XIV, Rock Howard. You can check out what he is capable of (and how stylish he looks in-game) via the trailer below.

Surely that's no way to treat the man who raised you as a foster father now Rock

What do you think of the recent announcements from both Arc System Works and SNK? Will you be playing GGXrd Revelator 2 or KOF XIV due to these recent reveals? And do you hope to see any more characters added to the ever-growing rosters of either series? Feel free to share any thoughts in the Comments section below. Alternatively you can share this via Facebook, Twitter or your social media network of choice.


KOF XIV's 4th DLC character confirmed as Rock Howard

Although perhaps spoiled earlier in the week, SNK has confirmed the last DLC character it plans to add to its team-based fighter, The King of Fighters XIV.

Pleasing many an SNK and fighting game fan, the last character to be added is none other than the protagonist of Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Geese's son raised by series' lead Terry Bogard, Rock Howard.

You can check his character trailer out below.

This character that has perhaps been the most requested 
in KOF's 23-year long history

Although a price point hasn't been set for him yet, Atlus has suggested they will be charging $5.99 for the earlier-announced character Whip, therefore that could be an indication of what we can expect to pay per character (no doubt the conversion to £/€ will be unfavorable once again.

The good news is that all four DLC characters are coming with the game's next update on April 5th so there's not too long to wait.

What do you think of the recent announcement? And what do you think of the upcoming DLC characters? Post your thoughts in the Comments section below. Alternatively your can share this on Facebook, Twitter or your social network of choice.