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The Third: Eyes Always Open

Hodi's lack of sleep is his main driver, providing him with the means to drive on regardless of whatever comes to hit him. Dishevelled and coarse, peaking through puffy eyes that hold nothing back. Relishes the good old days when things were more exciting and happening, the people he knew were all on their way to different goals and ventures.

Waking in the morning, or is that the evening? Being alert and responsive to the world around you, wanting to participate in its ongoing flow, knowing that it paces on ahead of you as you wake with each day. The knowledge of what is held before like that written in a book, providing details on not only what is to come but what may happen.

Is it the daytime, or is it the evening? The days just seem to be a blur. Irregular hours and a shifting format present a new way of living, that of day to day, week to week. They who enter a sweet slumber are fortunate enough to capture some downtime. Everyone else just keeps on rolling to the best of their ability.

Caffeine is ever a friend as a stimulant for continued work and growth. It keeps the head alert and makes once dozy minds perk up, allowing for progress and diligence to persevere in the toughest of times. That which can stretch man beyond his recognised limitations, further than that which he accepts and recognises.

Eyes always open. Peering out and straight to the world. Know there is no end as you gaze upon that which lies out in front of you. Always with open eyes.

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