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KOF Tournament organiser Antanov trailer is live

It is uncommon that I post more than once a day on the blog so there must be a special reason. In the case of The King of Fighters XIV this is such a reason.

Cigar? Check. Immense blonde sideburns? Check.
Gold chain, watch, tournament belt and bejazzled dress shirt? Check.

Not only are the last three team trailers viewable on the blog but the trailer for the organiser of the latest King of Fighters tournament, Antonov, is available to watch for your viewing pleasure below.

I don't think there has been such a manly character in the KOF series ever. Attacking with mere flexing must be direct competition for the likes of Street Fighter's Zangief if I do say so myself (lol).

What do you think of the permanent cigar chewing and macho organiser boss of the newest KOF game? Post any thoughts you have in the Comments section below. Also be sure to like, share and follow the blog to receive my newest updates first.

Three new team trailers inbound for KOF XIV

Continuing from my last post, three new team trailers are available for viewing below for SNK's newly released entry in its long running franchise, The King of Fighters XIV.

Firstly we are treated to the all new Another World Team. SNK fans may recognise Nakoruru from another famous series by the fighting game developer, Samurai Showdown. She is joined by the small but powerful MiuMiu and sky pirate Love Heart (both heralding from pachinko titles produced by SNK). You can check their trailer out below.

Next we have a long-standing team from the KOF franchise, the K' Team. Ever the cool guy with a heavy street-fighting style and glove allowing the power of flame, K', heads the team. Joining him are harbinger of ice and candy lover, Kula Diamond (a mid-boss character from KOF 2000 and a series regular thereafter) and K's comrade and cybernetic powerhouse with great sideburns, Maxima. Check their team trailer out below.

Finally we have the Women Fighters Team, consisting Mr. Big's former bouncer from Art of Fighting, elegant kickboxer King, and Fatal Fury's female bombshell ninja Mai Shiranui return to assert some female-infused power. Joining them is a character from another of SNK's pachinko games and big-time Terry Bogard fangirl, Alice (be sure to check out the similarities in her moveset).

So those are the trailers for all the teams featuring in KOF XIV. What do you think of the last three team trailers and will you be using any of them in the game? Feel free to leave any thoughts or opinions in the Comments section below. Also like, share the post and become a follower of the blog to receive all my future updates first.


A flurry of team trailers for The King of Fighters XIV

There's no better time than the present to add a trio of trailers highlighting three of the teams from SNK's 3-on-3 fighter (releasing tomorrow in the UK and Europe), The King of Fighters XIV.

Firstly we have a trailer for the China Team, consisting of the body-morphing kung fu master from the Garou franchise, Tung Fu Rue and two new faces in sleep-happy Meitenkun and spirit arms-wielding schoolkid with the (unofficial) pair of Beats headphones, Shunei.

Next we see the return of a long-established team in the KOF franchise, The Pyscho Soldier Team. The franchise's idol and psychic energy user Athena, kung fu and ki wielder Kensou and the old drunken kung-fu master Chin show their skills in the trailer below (the Climax super move of Kensou's is quite stylish indeed).

Finally we are reintrouced to the Ikari Team (a team in the series that has remained unchanged since KOF '96). The trailer shows the explosive punching skills of Ralf, the slicing and explosive skills of blue (sometimes red?)-haired cool beauty, Leona, and the shades-wearer with throws for days military man, Clark.

Be sure to watch the trailers and leave any thoughts you have in the Comments section below. Also be sure to share my posts and become a follower of the blog if you haven't already.

My next blog update will include the remaining team trailers for the last three teams in the game's roster (and perhaps one or two more). I also hope to post my impressions of KOF XIV once I have the game in my hands and have given its various modes a good playtest.

Thanks as ever for reading and have a good Thursday.


KOF XIV release is imminent, game's key staff interviewed by Famitsu

SNK's upcoming 3-on-3 fighter, The King of Fighters XIV, is seeing an international release this week with the game officially coming out in the US tomorrow (23/08), Japan on Thursday (25/08) and Europe getting its hands on the title on Friday (26/08).

In anticipation of the game's release some of the key members of the game's development staff including producer Yasuyuki Oda and art director Nobuyuki Kuroki were interviewed by Japanese weekly gaming magazine, Famitsu.

You can read the first half of the interview which has been translated by the fine folks over at the website Madman's Cafe right HERE

(From left to right) KOF XIV producer Yasuyuki Oda, programmer Seiji Andou,
motion artist Youichiro Soeda and art director Nobuyuki Kuroki

Throughout this week I'll be adding the remaining trailers for the remaining teams that have been unveiled leading up to KOF XIV's release.

What do you think of what SNK's developers have to say of its upcoming fighter KOF XIV? Be sure to share your thoughts in the Comments section below. Also feel free to share my posts via Facebook, Twitter and any other social media platforms you can think of.

Thanks to Madman's Cafe for the interview and its translation