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Developers tweets, episodes, long sleep, old eyes and late nights

Well the Twitters of our three favourite Japanese developers are red hot as usual with their regular updates on their job and personal developments:

Yoshinori Ono has pointed fans of the upcoming Tekken X Street Fighter to check out the Episode 0 movie on the dedicated Japanese website, highlighting that it is full of fisticuffs and fighting.

He also replies to one fan's question, stating that even if characters die in the Tekken series of games, death is meaningless (possibly hinting at the supposed death of Heihachi Mishma in Tekken 5 and Kazuya before that in the prior games).

Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada realises it is far too late in the day to be using Twitter, updating at 4:26am in the morning and explaining that he will pass fans' opinions onto the development team.

Asked by a fan if this was annoying (despite Harada's polite replies) to have to respond to so many question from his Twitter account, he answers that only the questions of users 思い込み & Jumping the gun have lots to them (joking around, of course).

And Metal Gear Solid series producer Hideo Kojima explains that he has slept for 9 hours already...

It is really poor that he can't read a book properly with his old weary eyes.

And upon playing Playstation 3 FPS Killzone 3, he explains that he found Shin-chan. Could it be referring to Crayon Shin-chan by chance? For readers' perusal, find below an image of the show's main protagonist:

Crayon Shin-chan, for the uninitiated

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