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20 Years of Playstation article is now live

The Playstation family in all its glory in aid of the brand's 20th Anniversary

Hello there readers. Hope you are well and feeling festive at this giving time of year. Christmas is nearly upon us and what better to read then a piece covering the last twenty years of the Playstation brand?

My recently written article in aid of the 20th Anniversary of SONY's Playstation brand is now live on the website Realm of Gaming. Below is a sample of what to expect:

This month marks the 20 Anniversary of Sony's PlayStation brand. Although it might seem like the success of the PlayStation took place overnight, the road to success for the Japanese company over the last twenty years as Sony became a major player within the console space was interesting and progressive.

Perhaps the electronic brand's early signs of success can be attributed to a major business upset. In the period leading up to the original PlayStation's launch (from herein the PSX) history could have told a very different story. Sony was due to enter a collaboration with fellow Japanese developer and publisher Nintendo in creating a CD-based home gaming system for the consumer market. However Nintendo partnered with Phillips in its future endeavours, infuriating Sony and causing the company to create a gaming console that would take on the likes of the already popular SEGA and Nintendo.

Feel free to read a nostalgic trip through the last 20 years of one of the most popular gaming brands ever. Please also leave any comments or feedback in Comments section below.


Street Fighter V gameplay trailer gets the FGC excited all over again

So a little news dropped on Friday regarding the latest numbered installment in the long-loved fighting game franchise, Street Fighter. Avid fans got to take a sneak peak at what to expect from the new entry in the series as well as potential system and appearance changes.

You can check out the trailer below which gives a brief look at Ryu vs Chun-Li in what looks like a fight somewhere in Hong Kong or nearby

So what do you think about the trailer for the newest and upcoming installment of the Street Fighter franchise? Feel free to leave your opinions and comments in the Comments section below.