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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 video builds up the fire

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is almost upon the fighting game community

So it has been well known that a sequel to the has been in the works for a while now with an imenent release in Japanese arcades this Autumn.

To whet the tastebuds of eager fans fund below a trailer for the title with a wicked remix of the main theme from the first TTT released back in 2000.

Are you looking forward to Tekken Tag Tournament 2? Feel free to post any thoughts in the Comments section down below.



So it has been nearly two months now since my last update on the blog here. I can only apologise for my lack of frequent updates but what with moving, readjusting to a new shift and trying to fit it around everything else, updating the blog has temporarily faded into the background as of recent.

I wil try to get back to regular updates on the blog soon as I do enjoy doing it and need to get back into a routine.

Look forward to future updates soon.

By the way, you might like to check out my friend Seb's blog in the meantime as his output has been quite high as of late. Take a look if you're interested:

Signing out for now.