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Thought you'd like to meet Catherine

Persona and Shin Megami Tensei franchise developer Atlus, in their efforts to continue bringing gamers titles with an interesting and alternative slant, are currently developing a title with an unabashed ero feel to the proceedings. One that goes by the very suitable and sublime name of Cateherine.

Why should you be interested in this game? Well, not only is it Atlus' first HD title but it also deals with the concept of the game's main character, Vincent, having nightmares that feel far to real to be merely in his mind. So real, in fact, that those who experience them and die in said nightmares find that this overlaps into real life with several males in their 20s and 30s dying in the real world too.

The game's main protagonist, Vincent

The game sees the player follow Vincent as he meets an attractive young woman with blonde hair in pigtails, a white dress and a very erotically playful nature named Catherine.

The lady on the right (not the dude), is Catherine

Although Vincent is in a relationship with a women carrying a very similar name who works as a mid management level employee in apparel, Katherine, he is lured by Catherine's charms and before he knows it ends waking up in bed with the young temptress after a one night stand.

The game appears to stay true to the tone and mood of previous Atlus titles and hopefully will not disappoint. The game is due for release on the Xbox 360 and PS3 in Japan on February 17th 2010. Will a Western release follow? With the abundance of Atlus fans in the USA and Europe, we can only hope it is a matter of time before Catherine tries to lure us into her aura of attraction.

You can view the trailer of Catherine down below. Make of it what you will.

You can check the official website out for the game HERE.

Thanks, as ever, goes out to Andriasang.

Check back on the blog soon as I intend to do more updates on Catherine leading up to the game's release as it has peaked my interest in the last couple of months.



Forgive me for not updating the blog much recently but I've been attending a few interviews of late, have one in Manchester next week and obviously have to do what preparation I can in order to give my best at the interview.

I'll try and update in the next few days but until Wednesday it's all systems go. Don't let that put you off visiting all the same.


Valkyria Chronicles 3 boxart looks the business

Just a very quick update tonight but a box shot of upcoming title Valkyria Chronicles 3 has popped up and looks very nice indeed. Check it out below and post any thoughts you have in the comments section.

Good night.


New SSFIV costumes video

Hey there folks. I'm aware that I haven't updated the blog for quite a while but I've been A) mega busy and B) away in Basingstoke for this weekend. Still, better to update late than never.

Below you'll find a video for the first pack of costumes that have been made a available for Super Street Fighter IV which include new alternate costumes for Dudley, Makoto, Guy, Deejay and Hakan. Be sure to check them out below and feel free to leave any comments on what you think of them or what future costumes you'd like to see.