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Posting, months and counting...

Well in a way its time to resurrect my once lively blog with a couple of videos my ever trustworthy and intelligent friend Seb 'Kinsta' S. and myself have produced, discussing the higher (and lower) points of two of Summer's biggest films this year, Man of Steel and World War Z.

Our first episode of The Padcast see the two of us discuss the recent cinematic offering from director Zach Snyder of the Superman universe, how we felt about the big-budget instalment and the Superman mythos. Check it out below:

You can download an MP3 version of our first Padcast via the following link HERE

Also have a listen to the second episode of The Padcast which covers our recent viewing of Summer's biggest survival fiction starring Brad Pitt as a former WHO worker, World War Z. Listen as we discuss our views on the film, where it fits into the genre and what it brings to the table together with whether it is worth your time to go to the cinema and catch it in the first place:

Or download an MP3 of our discussion to listen to on the go HERE

And there's more (or there will be soon)...

How does this not look amazing?

Be sure to check our third episode of The Padcast soon where we will discuss the upcoming Summer film involving giant robot suits vs. kaiju with a huge Hollywood budget, the likes of Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnan and Rinko Kikuchi bringing the epic fights and director Gillermo Del Toro at the helm, Pacific Rim.

What do you think of Man of Steel and World War Z? And are you feeling hyped for Pacific Rim? (this blogger is feeling the hype rising for sure). Feel free to post your thoughts in the Comments section below.



A Happy New Year to all my regular readers for taking your time to read my blog updates and encouraging me to keep the blog alive.

Some aims for the blog this year are to maintain regular updates, attempt to update the blog with original content and continue working on redesigning the blog. I want to make my readers look forward to a few things on the blog this year and will do my best to honours these aims throughout 2013.

Also, if you have the time then have a quick read of my fellow blogger Seb's blog right over HERE (click for some fantastic updates and round-ups of the Top 10 games and films of 2012, including the most disappointing film of 2012).

Look forward to the next update on Honeyman-On around the weekend...

In the meantime, enjoy a track by perhaps the US' next eclectic music talent, Janelle Monae: