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New Street Fighter update adds new DLC character, CFN update, tweaks and more

Hello everyone. I hope you are well and enjoying the blessed great weather this week. To accompany this, read below for the latest fighting game news to come our way.

Firstly Capcom has shared further details about its next update to its front-running fighting title, Street Fighter V. Details over at the Capcom Unity blog reveal that in addition to the newest DLC character, Ed, being added to the game's available roster, a classic throwback stage in homage to Vega's Spanish-set SFII stage will be made available with next Tuesday's update. You can check out a little bit of Vega using the stage's cage fence to scale, then jump from before clawing at SFV's newest entrant below:

Those fence-climbing antics of Vega's
return to Street Fighter once more

The stage will set players back €3.99/£3.29 or 70,000 FM. The throwback Bison Thailand stage will also be getting added back into the game with the new update, costing €3.99/£3.29 or 70,000 FM. The overconfident fist fighter Ed will set you back either £4.99 or 100,000 FM if you want to add him to the game's roster.

Now an ongoing bone of contention has been the small number of means with which to accrue Fight Money in the game. The good news however is that as of May 30th Street Fighter V's new CFN will be made available to all players who download the latest update. This will see a substantial update to SFV's online experience, new balance changes, matchmaking improvements and additional benefits (of which more information can be found right here). 

Bison's potential new body sticking it to the old one in style

The beautiful cherry on top lies in the 50,000 FM bonus for signing in at any point from May 30th - June 13th PST (those dates also apply for European/British players too).

The final mention of the new update is further information on the upcoming targets that will be available for completion by those who have purchased the Capcom Pro Tour 2017 Pass. You can find more information about what these entail and what rewards you can obtain from their completion via the handy table below.

Although I think this should be available in the game proper for those who play SFV regularly,
I understand that Capcom needs to make money (this is the company
who re-released Street Fighter II an unfathomable number of time to date after all)

Admittedly this is a huge swell of information for what is surely one of Street Fighter V's biggest updates so far. What do you think of the updates that are coming to the game? Will you be downloading and playing as Ed when he becomes available with the update? And do you think Capcom should do things like sign-in bonuses (and perhaps more double-exp./Fight Money earnings weekends) going forwards? Any thoughts, please do share them in the Comments below. Also like and share this and all my other updates via Facebook, Twitter or your social media network of choice.


A wealth of information for various fighters to end the week

How has everyone's week been? As uncertain as the British weather? Well never mind that, read my weekend update of fighting game news to raise your spirits up.

Firstly SNK has shared details on its intended release of its latest 3-vs-3 fighter, The King of Fighters XIV, on Steam. You can check out further details via the game's dedicated Steam page which provides details on both the Regular and Deluxe Editions. Those who choose to pre-order the game will also be eligible to participate in the upcoming Closed Beta, scheduled to run on dates yet to be shared (but leading up to the Steam version's official release on June 15th.

You can check out a long trailer for the versions available on Steam below.

In addition more details have been shared regarding developer French Bread's upcoming updated release in its weapons-fighting series, Under Night In-Birth:ST (UNIEL: ST for short).
Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has shared additional details of another character it plans to add to the game's home release which will happen in Japan on July 22nd (thanks HDKirin).

The magazine scans confirms that the character Erika Wagner will be added to the game's roster for the home release. You can check a couple of images out below detailing the character and a new group shot (which I'm guessing will end up being the game's front cover image):

Under Night In-Birth's newest roster edition,
Erika Wagner

Namco Bandai has also shared the story trailer for the upcoming numbered entry in its long-running fighting game franchise, Tekken 7. You can check this out below:

What do you think of the latest updates from SNK, French Bread and Namco Bandai? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below. You can also share this update via Facebook, Twitter or your social network of choice.


Street Fighter V CFN Beta goes live very soon

Capcom is running a new Beta in order to test out the imporvements to the CFN (Capcom Fighters Network) and other changes to the roster of Street Fighter V

Those who are interested can download the client and participate for free when it goes live (you can even pre-download the Beta right HERE). For European players, this will get underway from Friday May 12th, 2:00am - Monday May 15th, 6:00am.

The good news is that the game's whole roster will be available to choose from including the new DLC character who had has reveal trailer recently, Ed. You can check this out below.

Will you be playing the Beta for the upcoming changes to SFV's CFN and its playable roster? And what do you make of the rap theme song for the above character? Post your thoughts in the Comments below. Also like and share this update via Facebook, Twitter or your social network of choice.


Street Fighter V's next DLC character is Ed

Perhaps in a surprise to no-one in the FGC, Capcom has unveiled the next character it will be adding to the roster of its famed fighting game franchise, Street Fighter V

Having been (unintentionally) leaked via the PlayStation Store's listing in its Season 2 character pass, Ed is the protégé of burly boxer Balrog and a potential replacement body for M. Bison (hence his flourishes of psycho power during his attacks).

You can check out the trailer for the upcoming character below. He will also be included in the upcoming Beta which will run from May 11th - 14th (Thursday through Sunday). Or will be few to participate for both PC and PS4 players (you done even need to own the game to play).

What do you think of the next DLC Fighter to be added to Street Fighter V? And will you be participating in the upcoming Beta later this week? Do share any thoughts in the Comments section below. Also like and share this update via Facebook, Twitter or your social media network of choice.