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Tweets coming at you on a sunny Summer weekend

So this week's Tweets of our favourite three Japanese developers carries some interesting information regarding the current projects they are working on.

Producer on beat-em-up Street Fighter IV, Yoshinori Ono, responds to a fan's request for new DLC in SF: Arcade Edition regarding the potential inclusion of Elena (keeping things ambiguous as usual). He also confirmed that fans should not expect Street Fighter X Tekken on other platforms beyond the 360, PS3 and Playstation Vita.

Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada talks about dragon radars and gaining the Gametrailers award for best fighting game at this year's E3 event in Los Angeles. He also commented on the mention that the game could be multiplatform, stating that it is too early a stage to truly say if this will be the case or not.

And Hideo Kojima comments on a show he went to see at the Dome Theater called Young Alive, The Future of the Opening IPS Cell, explaining that it features prolific voice actress Nana Mizuki and Shouzo Iizuka together with CG elements crafted in 3D to boot.

The games designer also reminisces on a photo from 20 years ago, showing him and former work colleagues who worked on earlier Metal Gear Solid games, wondering if the girl on the right in the was at the time the new recruit Sato-san (which you can see HERE)

An update not too much out of the ordinary from our famed developers then. Be sure to continue checking Honeyman-On for more weekly updates and feel free to leave any comments you want to in the section below.

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