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SFV's newest character, Menat, is now live (30th Anniversary costumes also added with latest update)

Capcom's leading fighting game series, Street Fighter V, receives its newest fighter to the roster with the smooth-moving fortune teller, Menat.

Rose's apprentice with a unique groove,
Menat joins the fray

The apprentice of an Italian fortune teller (most likely Street Fighter Alpha's Rose), Menat uses her crystal ball amidst her regular attacks, allowing those players more technically minded to pull off some fairly interesting combos.

You can check her out (and her Joe Satriani-like character theme) via the trailer below.

Capcom has also added costumes for M. Bison, Guile, Karin and Ibuki to the game to commemorate Street Fighter's 30th Anniversary. They look pretty nice and hopefully Capcom will eventually make costumes to cover the entire existing roster to mark the occasion. They will set you back £3.29 each.

What do you think of the new addition to the cast in Menat? Will you be using her in Street Fighter V? And will you be getting any of the newly added costumes? Share what you think in the Comments section here. Alternatively you can share this post via Facebook, Twitter or your social media network of choice.


SFV 30th anniversary costumes, MvC Infinite story trailer and more

I need to assure that I update the blog more often going forwards. That said, the last few weeks have seen me busy with a new job role and being quite social in the later period of summer. That won't stop me updating the blog though and the latest update is quite a great (and Capcom-centric) one.

Firstly we have details of new costumes coming to Capcom's leading fighting franchise, Street Fighter. M. Bison, Guile, Ibuki and Karin will all receive new costumes on August 29th, costing £3.29 each. You can check out some screens of them below (thanks Capcom Unity).

Capcom has also shared its most recent story trailer for its upcoming 2-vs-2 tag team fighter, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. You can check this out below.

What do you think of the new costumes for SFV? And what do you also make of the newest trailer for MvC Infinite? Do share your thoughts on the Comments section below. Also share this update via Facebook, Twitter or your social media network of choice.


Newest update shows UNIEL:ST's opening, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite and more

E3 has passed by for this year and we're still soaking up the aftermath. Therefore there is still a great deal of information flowing out from this year's game-centric event held in Los Angeles.

In the meantime, Japanese fighting game developer French Bread has shared the opening for its upcoming release of Under Night In-Birth: Exe-Late ST (hereafter referred to as UNIEL:ST). You can check this out via the video below.

The updated version of French Bread's weapons-based fighter is looking
pretty nice

Capcom has also confirmed more additions to the roster of its upcoming 2-on-2 crossover fighter, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. Gamora, Jedah, Haggar, Nemesis, Frank West and Spiderman will be added to the game's initial roster when it releases in mid-September. You can check out some of the more recent gameplay footage via the videos below.

Footage of Haggar, Nemesis,
Frank West and Spiderman in action

In-game footage of GotG's Gamora
and Darkstalkers' Jedah.
They both look great in action.

What do you think of the recent reveals for the upcoming Marvel vs Capcom Infinite? Are you also excited for the anime-themed, niche weapons-based fighter, UNIEL:ST? Share your thoughts on the Comments section right here. Alternatively you can like, subscribe and share this update via Facebook, Twitter or your social media network of choice.

As always, thanks for reading and look forward to more entertainment news updates throughout this month.

Sorry for being gone so long

It has been a few weeks since I've last updated the blog and for that I apologise. There have been a couple of things on the agenda I have had to handle that have taken priority.

Now the house is in order I intend to get back to updating the blog on a regular basis as there is a lot of news to catch up on (and much to look forward to also).

To all my frequent readers, thanks for staying with me. Do look forward to summer exciting updates throughout August.