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Persona 5 new trailer is live, new characters unveiled

In a fabulous explosion of information, this last week saw the gaming world receive a new trailer for the upcoming latest entry in the occult meets regular school life RPG series, Persona 5.

The newest trailer reveals new characters, settings and perhaps a little peak at some of the potential dangers our gang of thieves will encounter through the stylish JRPG. Check out the trailer below

The developer also updated the official website characters page with profiles for three new characters that appear in the above video (and are more than likely to join the player's party as you progress through the story).

Persona 5's New Faces

Firstly we have class president and Syujin High School third year, Makoto Niijima. She's a female with strong morals who won't easily be swayed by anybody but is drawn towards the determination of the main playable character.

Strong in morals and in name,
Makoto should prove to be
a sturdy and reliable ally in Persona 5

Next to be introduced is the team's potential navigator and social shut-in, Futaba Sakura. Although she is a first year of Syujin High, an as of yet unexplained incident has caused her to physically stop attending classes since middle school.

The hikkikomori of the group
who is comfortable around
the main protagonist but
socially awkward around others

The final character to be introduced is the cordial and socially upstanding third year at Syujin High, Haru Okumura. Although the daughter of a food manufacturing company president and being from such a refined background, her observation of people around her has assisted in her becoming an effective communicator.

Haru's appearance provides
a pleasant demeanour, but could it be
a cover for her alternate identity seen
in the trailer as the Beautiful Female Thief?

In any case it looks like we have three more interesting faces joining the Phantom Thieves in the upcoming Persona 5, releasing for the Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 in Japan on September 15th. Hopefully a Western release date/window will follow by the time next month's E3 in Los Angeles rolls around where Atlus will further showcase the game (and hopefully show lots more gameplay too).

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