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Tweets are tweets, just in Japanese

So in recent tweets from our trusted 3 developers, Super Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono has retweeted Tekken producer Kastsuhiro Harada's Tweet on wearing the local code of dress whilst in Dubai over his regular everyday clothes, mentioning that it suits him more to be dressed that way (and that he already doesn't want to return to Japan)

Katushiro Harada has brought to our attention the date for the next location test for the upcoming release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, scheduled for May 16th.

He has also commented wearing clothes sent in from fans together with his trademark sunglasses, colliding into Japanese women's luggage, apologising profusely and almost feeling like crying.

And Hideo Kojima has updated his Twitter explaining that he trapped his little toe in the door this morning, resulting in it becoming quite swollen. He went on to explain that he had taken a photograph of it but had not upped it to his Twitter yet as it was mealtime.

All in all, exciting information from our three developers from Capcom, Namco and Konami. Be sure to keep on checking Honeyman-On for regular updates and I do promise additional updates as well.

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