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Thanks for having me back

Any of you that read Honeyman-On may have wondered where its original author and creator, Patrick Honeyman, has been since the start of this year. Busy with additional projects and recording The Padcast with may good friend Sebski (which you can listen to over at this link) have been taking up the bulk of my time, together with a mixture of cinema visits and a more recent hobby of mine, reading a variety of novels (you're welcome Jo Nesbo).

But where would the joy be if I didn't get back to updating the blog regularly, especially as this year has provided some very interesting experiences regarding entertainment and some unexpected encounters too.

So, look forward to Honeyman-On giving some fantastic updates in the near future. Please check back regularly and you can always catch up and/or message me with comments or queries either in the section below or at my FB page over HERE.

Finally, given the time of year and my recent foray back into the world of the popular Japanese game franchise Ryu Ga Gotoku I leave you with the menu music from one of the more recent entries in the franchise, Ryu Ga Gotoku 5(listen to it in 720p for the best quality audio experience).