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The weekly tweet updates are coming

So we once again have our weekly Tweet updates for consumption by interested parties. Let's start with the postings of Street Fighter IV producer, Yoshinori Ono.

In his most recent post he highlights that the team is in the process of checking the progress on upcoming crossover fighting title, Street Fighter X Tekken.

He remarked that using post-its in this IT age seems a little low tech, but it is the easiest way to inform everyone on the team. As Monday roles around, the weekend is left for preparation, preparation.

Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada explains that during a recent presentation, the feedback that he received as a result of recent playtesting had provided a clear impact.

He also remarks that even though Heihachi had his trademark bald patch and hair it didn't make as much of an impact as he had expected, wishing that he could have made the head of the Mishima family a little bit older this time around instead.

And Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has had time to spend with his child that he had with his now divorced wife. He even got to take him to the centre where the motion capture is carried out.

Kojima explained that he has made an impression on other kids that it may seem that all he does is play games rather than get down to work at his current workplace. His own child had also remarked that although he is often busy, really all he seems to be doing is play games.

Trust a son to point out the truths of his father.

Be sure to continue checking the Twitter updates of these three developers via Honeyman-On, updated once a week and maybe even some interesting news comes our way.


Developers tweets, episodes, long sleep, old eyes and late nights

Well the Twitters of our three favourite Japanese developers are red hot as usual with their regular updates on their job and personal developments:

Yoshinori Ono has pointed fans of the upcoming Tekken X Street Fighter to check out the Episode 0 movie on the dedicated Japanese website, highlighting that it is full of fisticuffs and fighting.

He also replies to one fan's question, stating that even if characters die in the Tekken series of games, death is meaningless (possibly hinting at the supposed death of Heihachi Mishma in Tekken 5 and Kazuya before that in the prior games).

Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada realises it is far too late in the day to be using Twitter, updating at 4:26am in the morning and explaining that he will pass fans' opinions onto the development team.

Asked by a fan if this was annoying (despite Harada's polite replies) to have to respond to so many question from his Twitter account, he answers that only the questions of users 思い込み & Jumping the gun have lots to them (joking around, of course).

And Metal Gear Solid series producer Hideo Kojima explains that he has slept for 9 hours already...

It is really poor that he can't read a book properly with his old weary eyes.

And upon playing Playstation 3 FPS Killzone 3, he explains that he found Shin-chan. Could it be referring to Crayon Shin-chan by chance? For readers' perusal, find below an image of the show's main protagonist:

Crayon Shin-chan, for the uninitiated

Be sure to keep on checking Honeyman-On for Tweets of the best Japanese developers together with some other interesting updates too (they will be coming, honest).


Tweets are tweets, just in Japanese

So in recent tweets from our trusted 3 developers, Super Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono has retweeted Tekken producer Kastsuhiro Harada's Tweet on wearing the local code of dress whilst in Dubai over his regular everyday clothes, mentioning that it suits him more to be dressed that way (and that he already doesn't want to return to Japan)

Katushiro Harada has brought to our attention the date for the next location test for the upcoming release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2, scheduled for May 16th.

He has also commented wearing clothes sent in from fans together with his trademark sunglasses, colliding into Japanese women's luggage, apologising profusely and almost feeling like crying.

And Hideo Kojima has updated his Twitter explaining that he trapped his little toe in the door this morning, resulting in it becoming quite swollen. He went on to explain that he had taken a photograph of it but had not upped it to his Twitter yet as it was mealtime.

All in all, exciting information from our three developers from Capcom, Namco and Konami. Be sure to keep on checking Honeyman-On for regular updates and I do promise additional updates as well.


To keep the output going and a link to a friend's ideas

In my efforts to keep the blog going I will definitely keep the Twitter updates going and also try to update with some interesting tidbits along the way.

The next couple of months may get very busy for me but I'll do my best to provide updates to readers.

In the meantime, check my friend's Posterous account for some very interesting readings and ideas (Clark O'Gara's Posterous):

And some thought provoking and stimulating stories:


An interesting way to spend a sunny morning...

...and Good Night!


A suitable mixtape for a sunny day

Another quick post but for anyone who is interested, you can sample my friend's recent mixtape if you fancy having a listen sometime. It will certainly bring your day up and a smile to your face.color:#999;">Electro Mix 2: Super Electro Fighter Ii Turbo by Kinsta on Mixcloud


Link to an old friend's website

Just a brief update but a valid one all the same. I have an old friend who is an upcoming and hard-working artist, based in Wakefield and currently studying at university.

If you have the time, do check his website out and feel free to leave comments. It's really, really special.

Charles Saul, Fine Artist


Twitter, twitter, twitter

So, for this week's update we have for you a bit of Hideo chatting about listening to an interview of the director for the film Mr. Nobody, Jacko Van Dolmar:

He talks of how the director explained that an artist's role is not a simple but complex profession, feeling that through his film he made its often simplified image appear more substantial, transmitting its complexity.

Kojima remarks that he admires this in the director.

Yoshinori Ono gets asked if Sakura and Asuka will appear in the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken:

And Katushiro Harada advises that he will be visiting Dubai soon,

And jokes about giving out his credit card details via PSN.

All in all, a fairly standard week (oh yes, there was a breach of the Playstation Network as well but that has been mentioned a thousand times already).

Be sure to keep on checking the blog for updates of these developer's tweets and other news (I promise I will update with something different soon).

Any thoughts, feel free to post them in the Comments section below.