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A little post about a great review

Hello there. In traditional and timely fashion I've got back to updating the blog after spending so long suggesting that I would be back on top of it. Well now its happening so you readers will have something fantastic to read again each week from here on out.

The newest entry in Arc System Works' fighting game franchise

To start with there is a highly detailed and thorough review of the latest installment of the one-on-one fighting game franchise from developer Arc System Works, Blazblue: Chronophantasma. You can find it over at the website Realm of Gaming which the owner Jason Leyanna has been kind enough to host for me.

Not only does the game give you
23 characters to pick from off the bat...
...but the artwork is no slouch either

I've had a large amount of fun playing this game to date and I hope you get the same impression after reading the review.

Additionally I may update with inane but still interesting content or links to videos from time to time. For a late Sunday evening you can have a watch of the latest reveal trailer for the newest character to be unveiled the Iron Galaxy's recent take on Killer Instinct, Kan-ra (as well as a short reveal for the long desired fan-favourite, Riptor):

The character and the stage are looking pretty interesting to say the least. In any case please continue to check Honeyman-On for new and interesting updates and reviews. Also feel free to leave any opinions in the Comments section down below.

Izayoi's victory post after her Astral Heat.
Its pretty awesome
One reason why BBCP is kick-ass