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MVC3 Impressions

Courtesy of my kind friends (thank you Zee) I managed to give the latest in the stunning crossover of two fictional worlds a spin with Marvel vs.Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.

The fighter will throw off any fan of the genre to begin with. In efforts to keep matches swift, characters carry less vitality meaning they can be flawed easier from only 3-4 decent combos. Also, the in-game X-Factor (activated by pressing all four main attack buttons) allows for hefty power and speed boosts, bringing any former sense of game balance right down to zero.

The latest iteration is a heap of fun though. The roster is varied with the likes of Resident Evil's Wesker, DMC's Dante and Bionic Commando's Spencer alongside the likes of Marvel's X-23, Phoenix and Deadpool.

The game remains user-friendly enough to allow beginners to give their best whilst higher-level players can show off their combo ability and skills in the heat of battle. MvC3 doesn't hide its beauty, the music and sound effects reminiscent of previous iterations in the franchise from Ryu's trademark theme to varied tracks for new entrants.

Among the modes on offer include Arcade, Versus, Training, Mission Mode and Online for players to face off against each other as they duke it out. News of future costumes and characters (Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath have already been announced) via DLC are also highly anticipated.

MvC3 is worth checking out after the ten year wait. Seasoned players may be initially surprised at the changes but once they become accustomed to what has been altered they will get used to most of the adjustments.

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