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Three-way Twitter update

So, given that the weather is nice today and I should be outside enjoying the sun rather than updating this (but I've done everything I need to do today, just about), you can see the updates for Yoshinori Ono, Katsuhiro Harada and Hideo Kojima down below.

Producer on the Street Fighter IV series, Yoshinori Ono, has updated his Twitter tweeting that he will return to Japan from San Fransisco after his recent visit to Capcom USA. He also explains that he had with him some important ROM that will be shown at this year's E3. Could it be Street Fighter X Tekken? We'll have to wait until E3.

Producer on the Tekken series of games, Katsuhiro Harada, has updated his Twitter account explaining that the current recording sessions will probably not finish today, eating canned food in the studio the whole day, being poisoined with thoughts of reading the manga Golgo 13, voice actors in Kagawa prefecture, voice actors and impossible directing duties in recording.

And game director on the MGS series of games, Hideo Kojima, has updated his Twitter feed, explaining that he has finished reading the novel "Genocide" written by Kouno Toshiaki, being amused by it, the novel having an interesting translation and its author's uncommon outlook on the world, carrying many elements that run in the MGS series such as the Iron Mountain report, PMC, child soldiers, and military-industrial complexes.

Be sure to continue checking Honeyman-on for updates on the tweets of these game creators as they update their Twitters and also for other pieces of information and news.

And enjoy the sun whilst you can catch it.


Kojima's tweets are scenic

Kojima's recent tweets on his Twitter account have taken a more scenic turn with updates detailing the setting sun:

And noting that we are still in the season of Spring:

Given the artistic flair of the Metal Gear Solid series of games, is it any wonder Kojima has such a leaning towards the beauty of nature?

Do keep on checking Honeyman-on for updates and feel free to post any thoughts in the Comments section below.

Yoshinori Ono to attend E3

So in one of his latest tweets, Yoshinori Ono has confirmed that he is going to attend this year's E3 in June in Los Angeles.

Any expectations of what he will show at the event beyond Street Fighter X Tekken? Any thoughts, feel free to post them in the Comments section and look forward to the next tweet update.


Harada talks Anna's face

So Katsuhiro Harada has updated his Twitter once again, showing his appreciation for all of the positive updates on the dedicated Facebook/Twitter pages.

He also talks about being happy that the team were able to improve the facial animation of character Anna Williams in the upcoming title Tekken Tag Tournament 2 together with bringing the facial animation of other characters in the game up to scratch too. Will avid players get to see these improvements at the upcoming location test? Those lucky enough to attend should post in the comments section with their verdict.

Until next update.


Kojima answers questions

So Kojima updated his Twitter again recently with details of his latest instalment of Hideo Channel Radio once again. He mentions that his answers will be provided via a certain magazine (but which magazine will that be?)

He also briefly laments that answering questions for around 30 minutes can prove to be a little heavy.

Be sure to keep on checking Honeyman-on for regular updates as regular as I can provide them (and as long as my eyes don't drop out from my day job first!)


Yoshinori Ono takes a holiday

The producer on beat-em-up title Super Street Fighter IV, Yoshinori Ono, has posted that he has been able to take a holiday from work for the first time in a month. What would any member of a prestigious games development team do on a valued day off? Play more Street Fighter it seems.

Continue to check Honeyman-on for updates from the best Japanese developers' Twitters as well as other riveting updates.


Yoshinori Ono updates from the beach with some friends

So a recent update via the Twitter subsite Twipple sees Super Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono update from this year's Captivate with his trademark Blanka together with bobble heads of Ryu and Kazuya.

Looking forward to the news releases from Captivate '11? Do check Honeyman-on in the near future for updates of the main announcements from this year's Capcom news-fest.


Katushiro's Twitter today

So, Harada-san has spoken in his recent tweet and response by another tweeter of his desire to visit Toronto and Canada. The reply to the tweet suggests that Toronto, Canada would be a great destination to visit. Could this be for some form of trade show? Or is he just expressing his own desires regarding his future holiday destination?

Be sure to check Honeyman-on in the near future for more updates on the best game developer Twitter updates (and other things, or course).


Short post for some potentially interesting news

See if this works for you at all Mr. Hill.

Regards, Patrick.

Tweets of news from 3 big Japanese game designers

So the recent tweets of Katsuhiro Harada, Hideo Kojima and Atsushi Inaba show that Tekken facebook page has reached 1 million users, Kojima's talks about listening to the latest music and Atsushi Inaba talks about his upcoming title, Max Anarchy.

Be sure to check Honeyman-on once again for an update on these fellow's Twitter accounts in the near future.


The Sixth: Colour of Sky

Awaking to any colour of sky, each morning at the same time. Hear the humdrum of the vehicles as they pass by on the city streets, a substitute alarm to that by my bedside. The invisible hand pulls me from the mattress and I break into my daily routine, going through oh so familiar motions.

First day of the week, progressing fine. Second day of the week, getting by. Third and fourth days of the week are sluggish as usual. Last day of the week just makes me want to escape away.

Days off are days of luxury. Free days to do what I choose to, sticking to a plan or no plan at all. Enjoy them whilst they are here for they pass all too quickly, wrapping the week around once again. Cherish their value for they are yours to enjoy and utilise as you please.

Keep it brief but await The Seventh, soon.