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The Fifth: Pace of Life

In it's deluge, they who are born swim in the sea of life. It's pace ever speeding but never limitless, it prays for those who like to be absorbed in its swash. Sometimes not noticing the way of the currents, the tides go back and forth, pressing against the States and Japan as each wave turns a new sign of change in the world's progression.

Seemingly still yet with a presence of growth, these changes sneak up unawares on individuals in their time. it strikes as a venom, spreading through the body and joints in a paralysing fashion, chilling those infected to the spot. Not without the want for someone to come save them, unable to progress to the next stage.

It can't be stopped but there is joy in the madness. Albeit fleeting and sometimes hard to grasp, life's little pleasures are things we can take for ourselves. From that simple enjoyable meal or a new dress shirt to an interesting game, CD or DVD, they who find value within the simple things in life can appreciate on their unstoppable journey that which is joyful to hold.

Appreciate both sides of life. We each have only one, for all their ups and downs. Take from it what you will, it's yours.

Please kindly await The Sixth.