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KOF XIV's 4th DLC character confirmed as Rock Howard

Although perhaps spoiled earlier in the week, SNK has confirmed the last DLC character it plans to add to its team-based fighter, The King of Fighters XIV.

Pleasing many an SNK and fighting game fan, the last character to be added is none other than the protagonist of Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Geese's son raised by series' lead Terry Bogard, Rock Howard.

You can check his character trailer out below.

This character that has perhaps been the most requested 
in KOF's 23-year long history

Although a price point hasn't been set for him yet, Atlus has suggested they will be charging $5.99 for the earlier-announced character Whip, therefore that could be an indication of what we can expect to pay per character (no doubt the conversion to £/€ will be unfavorable once again.

The good news is that all four DLC characters are coming with the game's next update on April 5th so there's not too long to wait.

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