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A substantial fighting game update

In what could be regarded as somewhat overdue, this last week has been full of updates regarding some of the biggest fighters currently on the market. I'm going to detail them below.

Firstly is the news that The King of Fighters XIV has received four new DLC costumes for characters Kula Diamond, Meitenkun, Sylvie and Angel. Your can check these out via the trailer below:

There has also been quite the deluge of information regarding Capcom's famed fighting game series, Street Fighter V, over the last week. The most important update would be that Capcom has confirmed that it is to delay the release of the third character (of six) from its Season 2 of DLC for the game's roster.

Although this is slightly disheartening the general consensus would suggest that the fighting game community (FGC) is alright with the delay, preferring that Capcom gets it right rather than rush the next major update to CFN/DLC character out of the door before they are ready.

Although we will have to wait a little longer to find out who 
the next character is, hopefully it will be worth it.

The reassuring news is that the newest DLC character will be announced by Capcom soon and will be made available to play with the next Beta they are to arrange (wait until you see the backlash from the part of the FGC that gets angry over the new character being playable that way before the game proper though).

What do you think of the new costumes for KOF XIV? And how do you feel about Capcom delaying its next update for SFV? (those familiar with the game will have experienced this last year with the DS delayed release of Ibuki of a DLC character for the game so perhaps its not that surprising to some). Feel free to post any thoughts in the Comments section below. Alternatively you can share this update via Facebook, Twitter or your social network of choice.

(N.B I'm going to put the additional news updates in a separate post as adding it all here might be a little too much for one single post.)

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