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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite has a new trailer

Hello eveyone. I hope you are well at this time of year when the weather is as uncertain as the country's future (maybe). To brighten up our outlook, Capcom shared a new trailer for its upcoming 2-vs-2 fighter, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

The latest in Capcom's crossover series is returning to the 2-on-2 format established in the earlier Marvel/Capcom crossover titles. This trailer shares footage of long-term Street Fighter mainstay, Chun-Li, everyone's favourite green avenger, The Incredible Hulk, possessor of one cool laser sword and various robotic assistants, Strider Hiryu, and Norse demi-god and wielder of the might hammer Mjolnir, Thor. The villain from Avengers: Age of Ultron also makes an appearance, displaying his prowess and abilities.

You can check out the latest trailer for the game below:

  The latest trailer for MvC Infinite showcases many 
returning faces (and a couple of new ones too).

The game is due for release on September 19th for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Capcom has announced a variety of editions that I will detail in another future update soon.

What do you think of the latest trailer for MvC: Infinite? What characters would like to see added to the upcoming title? And are there any other features you would like to see included in the game? Post any thoughts you have in the Comments section below. You can also like and share via Facebook, Twitter or your social network of choice.

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