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A variety of new costumes inbound for SFV

As mentioned earlier, the volume of fighting game news means I wanted to split these into different updates. Here's the second one.

As mentioned in my earlier post, this last week has seen a swarm of information from developers of some of the most beloved fighting game series on the market. One of those is Capcom with Street Fighter V.

Despite the disappointing announcement of the eponymous developer having to delay its latest major update to its current mainstream fighter, it has been more forthcoming with its details about new costumes that will be added to the game next week on April 25th.

Concept art for the throwback to Bison's SFII Thailand stage

Its first post over on the Capcom unity blog details that they will be adding a nostalgia stage and three school-themed costumes to the game next week. You can check these out via the screens below:

Chun-Li is doing her best impression of a
Chinese honours student
As expected, Juri is fronting a very punk-inspired take
on the traditional school uniform

Ryu donning his kenka bancho getup

Capcom confirms that for those who want to rule the schoolyard, each costume will be available on April 25th for $3.99 / ¥400 / €3.99 (expect them to come in at £3.29 on the UK PSN then).

The next update earlier today from Capcom Unity shares information about additional DLC costumes that are on there way for Alex, R. Mika and Chun-Li. You can check these out via the images below:

Did Capcom staff watch Magic Mike for 
inspiration with this fireman costume 
for Alex?

Ever the consummate professional,
its Chun-Li in her business suit

I guess rowdy cheerleader matches 
R.Mika's personality

Capcom believes that for those who want to rock the workplace, these costumes join the previously announced School Costumes and will be available on April 25th for $3.99 / ¥400 /€3.99 each (again, the wallet-pleasing price of £3.29 each for the UK PSN).

So what do you think of the recent costume announcements? Do you think they are too highly priced? (we're talking about Capcom here though). Feel free to share any thoughts on the Comments section here. Alternatively you can share this update via Facebook, Twitter or your social network of choice.

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