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KOF XIV's v2.0 update and DLC characters are now live

In a swift turnaround from their initial announcement back in February this year, SNK has released four new DLC characters for The King of Fighters XIV in tandem with its recent v2.0 update of the game.

The characters joining the existing 50-character roster include WhipRyuji YamazakiVanessa and Rock Howard. They are available on PSN in all regions now with the characters costing either £3.99 standalone or £14.99 as a bundle on the UK PSN store.

Rock, Vanessa, Yamazaki and Whip join the fray in
The King of Fighters XIV

You can check each character's profile via the link below (although it goes to the SNK Japan website the profiles are in full English):

With only releasing on April 5th this week, players are already getting to grips with the characters and what they are capable of with the mechanics available in KOF XIV. Check out the combo video covering the DLC characters below to get a taste of the combos that players have already figured out.

Just a taster of what the new characters are capable of 
(there's even crazier combos than those shown here)

All things being said, the v2.0 update and the DLC characters are shaping up to be some pretty awesome additions to a game that at launch was in a pretty solid state to begin with. If SNK continues in this fashion going forwards we may end up with a KOF entry that has the biggest roster to date.

Would you prefer SNK to continue updating KOF XIV? If so, what characters would you still like to be added to the game's roster? Or would you like them to make a true sequel to this in the next 2-3 years with updated mechanics and a shake-up of the roster? Any thoughts, share them in the Comments section below. Alternatively you can share this on Facebook, Twitter or your social network of choice.

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