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A triple threat of KOF XIV news

I've managed to bring my laptop back to life; therefore I have a means of working properly from home again rather than a PC here and there. With that out of the way, the King of Fighters XIV news continues to flow out of developer SNK.

The first announcement is confirmation of the third DLC character of four that are in the pipeline. This time the svelt boxer and agent, Vanessa, makes a return to the series after her last appearance in KOF XI. You can check out her trailer below.

The snappy and swift boxer Vanessa returns to KOF

We have also been treated to a couple of short gameplay clips for the previously announced DLC characters, Whip and Ryuji Yamazaki. You can check these clips out below to get an idea of how they have transitioned into 3D.

Old comrades at war; Whip vs Ralf

Garou's insane yakuza and Muay Thai champ; Yamazaki vs Joe

And lastly we have news of a potential leak for the fourth DLC character for KOF XIV. Although it could still prove to be incorrect, an image was posted on the net recently that appears to show KOF XIV's character select screen with the much longed-for protagonist of Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Rock Howard (thanks Eventhubs). You can check out the image captured from what appears to be a debug PS4 below.

It may not be real but fans have longed for Rock's inclusion
 in KOF since his introduction in Mark of the Wolves

So we have quite the wealth of new information for the upcoming DLC characters in KOF XIV. What do you think of them? Are they the characters you hoped SNK would choose to add to the existing roster? And  do you hope the fourth and final character is Rock, or would you prefer it to be another returning character? Any thoughts, share them in the Comments section below. Alternatively you can share this update on Facebook, Twitter or your social media network of choice.

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