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KOF XIV new team trailer unleashed, shows Team Mexico full of passionate grapppling spirit

Keeping the proverbial ball rolling, SNK has once again released a new trailer for another team in its upcoming 3-on-3 team battle fighting game, The King of Fighters XIV.

This time around we are treated to the likes of returning brawler/grappler with debatable biker-style dress sense, Angel, the costumed wrestler who must be channeling his favourite movie Jurassic Park, King of Dinosaurs, and the returning luchador with the tiger motif and the classy eyepatch, Ramon.

Check the new trailer out for Team Mexico below:

What do you think of the newest team of the upcoming KOF XIV? Are there any characters you would like to see added to the game's roster in the near future? Be sure to leave your thoughts and impressions in the Comments section down below.

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