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SNK announces a KOF XIV Premiere World Tour, posts full command list for whole roster

Today must be a special day as I have not only one but two KOF XIV-related posts for the blog. This one is not another trailer but an announcement by developer SNK about laucnhing its own Premiere World Tour for the upcming 3-on-3 fighter.

A recent press release reveals the tour will start at this weekend's Evo 2016, taking place in Las Vegas from July 15th - 17th. The game's roster of 48 characters will be playable at the event, allowing avid fans to get some hands-on time with the new title and craft their impressions of it.

The list below details some of the future venues the tour will be heading to over July and August.

Additionally SNK has made the full command list for the game's 48 characters available for public viewing. They can be seen over at SNK Japan's dedicated page which details what each character will have at their disposal in KOF XIV.

If there are any exciting new updates from Evo '16 this weekend I'll be sure to post them on the blog right here. Be sure to check back soon for more information and feel free to leave any thoghts in the Comments section below.

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