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Blanka claws his way into SFV:AE on February 20th

We knew he was coming from the previous reveal trailer for the Season 3 characters but Street Fighter's famed green wildman from the Amazon, Blanka, will be joining the SFV:AE roster on February 20th

Blanka returns with his familiar cannonball rolls and electricity attacks. The character appears to have learned a few new tricks with the ability to crouch below fireballs, then either launch the opponent or leap towards them to take advantage of the situation. His V-Triggers also enable him to hit the opponent multiple times with his cannonball rolls, change direction and enhance his electricity attacks.

Will Blanka end up being top-tier when he becomes available in SFV:AE? We won't have to wait long as he will be added to the game's roster next Tuesday (20/02). Then we'll find out how effective (troll-like) the wildman will be.

You can check out his character trailer below which highlights his moves, V-Triggers, Critical art and costumes (the mascot costume is going to appear online a lot, I guarantee it).

What do you think of Capcom's latest rendition of an old Street Fighter favourite? Are you a fan or will you enjoy pulverising Blanka in every match? Feel free to post your thoughts in the Comments below, like the post and share it among your friends on Facebook, Twitter or your social media network of choice.

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