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Gaming updates for April

Hello everyone. I've been busy preparing for an upcoming holiday among other things recently. That's not stopped the news updates flowing in the world of gaming though. Read on below to find out more

Firstly, long-standing fighting game developer SNK has recently confirmed the last two characters it will be adding as DLC to the existing roster. Fan-made Najd and long-term favourite, Blue Mary, will be joining the roster on April 12th together with the version 3.00 update (thanks official Playstation blog). The game will also receive a variety of character balance adjustments as well according to the game's executive producer, Yasuyuki Oda.

Players can now recreate the original team Mary was a part of
in the first KOF she appeared in with Yamazaki and Billy

You can check out their respective character trailers below.

Capcom has formally announced the next DLC character it will be bringing Street Fighter V, Falke.

Ed's right-hand woman who uses
a staff imbued with psycho power, Falke

According to the Capcom Unity blog, staff-wielding female fighter 'Falke was built to be an alternative clone for M. Bison. She was heavily experimented on by Shadaloo and was forced to train day in, day out to achieve perfection. Falke has the unique ability to infuse Psycho Power into objects and release it through them, mainly through her staff, which she named Harmony. Years of harsh training went by, causing Falke to spiral deep into despair, wishing for it all to end. Finally, Ed came to her rescue and they both were able to escape Shadaloo. Now, the two have a sibling-like bond and are searching for others like them in need of help.'

The character will be joining SFV on April 24th (next Tuesday). You can check out her character trailer below.

Like the rest of the SFV roster, Falke will also be receiving a Story and Battle costume too. You can check these out in the screens below.

And finally, the latest title from developer Arika, Fighting Ex Layer, is to receive an expert mode. This will allow players to go through a variety of trails for each character that will be included when Fighting Ex Layer releases digitally in June this year.

You can check out a trailer for the newly announced mode below.

What do you think of the recent updates announced above? Are you looking forward to using any of the characters in SFV, KOF XIV or Fighting Ex Layer? Do share your thoughts in the Comments section. Also like and share via Facebook, Twitter or your social media network of choice.

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