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The First: Main street stroll

A subdued, rainy day. Cars swishing through the fret, droplets splashing from their wheels and dispersing upon impact of fast car windows. Unmbrellas in their hundreds, painting a picture not unlike a thousand flowers in the sky. The holders of those protectors from the elements dressed in various bussiness shades of black, beige and grey. Car lights shine as they glint over the windows of lofty skyscrapers, the grand skyline dreary and thick with the weight of many grey clouds.

Out walks a young lady in a jeans skirt, designer frilled-blouse, Calvin Klien three-quarter length woolen jacket, knee-length boots, a pretty crop of hair and a happy-go-lucky demeanour. Her presence and appearance offsetting the sea of workforce that flows behind her. She strolls seperately from the crowd, knowing she can remain independent from the norm. One day she may have to conceed. Until that time comes, she will stroll with pride and know independence and freedom in her mind.

It lasted six months. Sunny day, the source of energy high in the sky. Those in business atire are strolling along the same boardwalk, this time in dress shirts and coats carrying various shades of blue, sunset yellow, teal and white. Their demeanours still slightly sullied but optomistic. Traffic speeds by, sunbeams glinting off their windscreens and vehicle bodies like dancing energy. Our independent young female is nowhere to be seen. What is the cause? Did she fade into the crowd like so many before?

By the boardwalk is a plaque. Closer observation reads:

In memory of Saema Mertigo, 23. A cheerful and upbeat girl who will always be in our hearts.”

No one thought this individual spark would disappear so early. Had the rain kept up, maybe she would still be here. Sadly this is not the case along the main street. It holds no sympathy even for the unique ones in the crowd. Becoming an office temp., Mertigo realised why those shades of grey, beige and black were in abundance in the rain. She will never feel the same again, or be able to. Her elegant body a grim memory of the markings from that day. The last steps taken from the roof of the building above. A faint reminder of young independence.

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