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Gaming giant and developer Nintendo is due to unveil its newest console, the 3DS, at a press conference in New York next month in preparation for the machine's release in Japan in February and the US and Europe in March. It can be expected that the games giant will pull out all the stops to promote its upcoming machine when the event is held, showcasing its features and the software that will be released upon launch. Will the machine be handheld gaming's revolution or will it end up being another machine with a gimmick that comes at a high price?

The 3DS will retain the dual screen idea that was introduced with the DS, carrying a 3D screen on top and a regular touch screen at the bottom. It will also allow players to use its in-built cameras located on the outsides of the device, letting users take 3D photos and capture 3D video. Players will also find a camera positioned above the 3DS' top screen which will allow them to take 2D photos and capture 2D video.

Backwards compatibility will come in the form of supporting Nintendo DS (and DSi) software. The 3DS cards that will launch with the device will be able to carry up to 2GB of game data, akin to those of the current DS. A virtual console service allowing download of Game Boy, Game Boy Colour and titles in 3D will also be available from the machine's launch. The handheld will even allow for playback of 3D films such as How to Train Your Dragon and Tangled.

Lots of features, lots of capability. Surely the screen functionality on the 3DS will not turn out to be solely a gimmick to sell the machine at ¥25,000 in Japan and a rumoured $250/£180 in the UK when it is launched? This gamer here would certainly hope that this is not the case.

Any thoughts on what you are expecting when the 3DS is launched early next year in Japan, the US and Europe? Any thoughts, feel free to post them in the Comments section below.

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