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The Second: Pier Side Reunion


The sea lapped the pier's side, small waves brushing up against the wooden beams that supported the walkway. The mid-afternoon sun was in the distance, its red hue marking the skyline with various flashes and stabs of subtle colour.

Stood at the pier's end, looking out to the sea, a tall, slender and gaunt  man of appearance wearing a brown trenchcoat, mid-40s, short greying hair and stubble; his face weathered with age, drinking and years of concerns. By his side, a younger lady, around her mid-20s, curvacious, 5"4', blond hair styled into a crop and a matching 60s-style black and white checked one piece dress to boot. She appeared melancholic, subdued by thoughts of something elsewhere.

To give him a name, well, most would call him Jonah. Swallowing a mouth full of sea breeze, he turned to his companion, emitting in a dulcid tone "Marriete, I'm glad you came. After all my requests, you finally acknowledged one of them, came to this location and well, here we are now."

Mariette looked Jonah in his weary eyes. Born with heterochromia, an incident three years ago meant this rare genetic change left the young lady peering into one green eye, the other a mixture of blue and grey, almost unlike anything she had seen before. And yet, she knew Jonah from years ago, his then charming smile illuminating this unique aspect of his person.

"It had to be done eventually. There was no way to postpone this indefinitely." Mariette spoke whilst swallowing hard.

Stepping into her near vicinity, Jonah was inches away from Marriete's still youthful and beautiful visage, his breath impacting on her cheeks. Speaking once again in dulcid and measured tones:

"Well're quite right about that. There most certainly.....was no way to postpone this forever."

A minute passed as Marriete embraced Jonah, her grasp reviving thoughts and feelings of happier, painful and agonising times; the vibrant youth Jonah and  enjoyed through their time together. The feeling was as before, that comfort that one never wants to let go of yet secretly knows wont last forever.

Loosening her embrace, Mariette looked up towards Jonah's face, unassuming and accepting of that which had gone and what may come. Not a smile nor sadness, his expression presented 'being', a state of acceptance achieved without always knowing.

Cuffs were placed on Jonah's wrists, their hard steel shackled around his aged person. He looked down upon them and let out a little chuckle, causing Mariette to react with a slight of surprise. Jonah once again spoke in his measured manner, muttering:

"To think, I was the one who was out to lure you into my web. Lack of foresight is a dangerous and funny thing."

Mariette paused for a moment, looked into Jonah's face once more to locate his train of thought but then allowed it to be. Looking out from the pier edge to the sea once more, she then hollered over to the Boston Police Force cars that were near by.

"Jonah Tellsmith. I am arresting you on charges of fraud, embezzlement, deception and perversion of the cause of justice. You have the right to speak but anything you do say can and will be used in the courts of law as evidence."

Jonah looked at Mariette, and looked, and looked.

"O'Donagghy, take this man aw-"

Mariette was about to finish calling her fellow officer to take Jonah away in one of the BPD's vehicles.

"Love. Just love for you. Wrong or right, it won't go away. Love."

Jonah added his departing comments as O'Donagghy grabbed the collar of his trenchcoat, a firm sign this would be the last time Marriete would be seeing Jonah outside of secure walls and a prison cell.

As the vehicle door was opened, Jonah took one last look towards Mariette. This would remain unreturned, instead gazing out across the pier edge towards the red-dipped sun.

Chuckling once again, Jonah felt O'Donagghy's coarse hand push him down into the back passenger seat, adding "Good riddance to fucking scum like you. I hope the inside treats you nicely for the time you go down for, if you even make it that far you fuck." Not from happiness but a smile all the same, Jonah sat in the BPD car, waiting to be taken away, knowing what lay ahead.

Staring out towards the distance, no tears are to be shed by Marriete. A mixture of discomfort and resolution, uncertainty and anguish, she thinks briefly of Jonah's future and knows the likely path. It passes and goes to the back of her mind. She is still unsure but it doesn't show. She spends a while longer staring out as the red-tinted sun moves down the horizon to bring about the dusk.

Going through the motions as if throwing a dime into the sea, wishing for free. Mariette throws nothing though. Those times with Jonah are all she lets go of to the best of her ability.

The small waves continue to lap the pier sides.


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