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Too many games in the marketplace?

A little controversial but maybe that's just me. Anyway, have a read of the short opinion piece below. I will write a review again eventually, honest...


Someone had to ask it. Now its out in the open. Hands up if you feel there are too many games in the marketplace? I see many hands raised. That says something.

So, what changed between now and the last ten years? When did there become a throng of titles all around us? Were the days of the 16-bit era that much different? Count the number of sequels for the likes Mario, Sonic and Rockman as examples of titles that had various numerals proceed them.

Admittedly, then there were only two main machines at the time. Look around now and three machines dominate the gaming space.The multitude of titles that spill from them are plenty. The Wii could be guilty of generating enough shovelware to fill a landfill.

With ever busy lifestyles these days, how does a gamer find the time to experience all the genre has to offer? Not even two games industry fellows I know have the time to sample all its delights, and they go from sticking to one title to sampling several at once.

Let's also remember DLC titles that come in various means and sizes. Their availability speaks for itself, their variety vast and plentiful. Add these to the mix and what is a person left over with? Far too many titles to filter down what they will play, lest they attempt to play everything that ever gets released (no one person has that much time nowadays).

Do you think the games market will see a retraction in the number of titles available in the near future? And do you get the time to play everything that you want to when it is released? Any thoughts, feel free to post them in the Comments section below.


Kinsta said...

Again, same comments apply as on your last piece. Are you writing a personal blog? Or are you objectively reporting/commenting on the games scene?

Patrick Honeyman said...

I'm trying to do both. More facts could be brought into the equation, sure, but it is an opinion piece.

Do a piece on your blog to counter it. I'd like to read it as your writing is good. I feel you should do more.