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Uncharted 3 announcement impressions

Sorry for the delay in updating. Experienced some problems with logging into Blogger this week.

So, the trailer for the inevitable 3rd in the Uncharted franchise was unveiled earlier this week, confirming that yes, Drake will return and yes, there will be some desert adventuring  to be had for our death-defying  and daring adventure.
Although the trailer is only brief at 1:30 mins it shows Drake in an arid desert, the wreckage of a crashed freight plane a short distance behind him. He narrates over the top as the trailer plays out, plucking an automatic rifle from a deceased soldier's hand buried deep in the sand. He then walks to the top of a sand dune; surveying the area before declaring “I did this”, possibly suggesting some form of tie-in with the game's subtitle, Drake's Deception.
The trailer then cuts out to fan-favourite Victor Sullivan (Sully to his fanbase) who emerges  from  the shadows, trademark cigar in hand, asking (on behalf of the viewing audience no doubt) “What the Hell does it all mean in English?”
Drake responds, saying “Be careful what you wish for. It might just get you!”. The trailer then cuts back to our intrepid adventurer still surveying the desert, before the trailer cuts away to small snippets of gameplay we can expect in the upcoming game, followed by the Uncharted 3 logo burning into vision and finally a US release date of November 11th 2010 (let's not confuse things by using the American date format now).

You can either check the trailer out down below or if you have PS3 access you can download it from PSN in both SD and HD formats. All I can say right now is “Bring next November  on Sony and Naughty Dog!”
Oh yeah, Merry Christmas and thank you kindly to my followers. Love you all!

As ever, feel free to post any thoughts you have about the trailer and your anticipation for Uncharted 3 in the Comments section below.

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