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3DS press conference to be held in New York in mid-January

So Nintendo of America has announced that it will hold a press conference in New York for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS on January 19th 2011. Press invites have been sent out to the relevant outlets and excitement is building as to what details will be revealed regarding the new 3D portable games machine.

We can hope that a firm price and release date is given as the release of the machine in the West is scheduled for sometime in March next year. It is somewhat surprising that Nintendo has not provided these details already though given that the release of the machine is only about three months away. Those eager to play the device are yet to get hands-on with the machine with only those lucky enough to attend E3 (press or otherwise) having had some playtime with the machine and being able to pass their impressions on via word of mouth, magazine coverage or online blogging.

There is no better way to find if a machine will find favour with the general public than to give them some hands-on time with a selection of the titles that will be released with the 3DS at launch. Knowing Nintendo's track record I am confident this is something they do not need to be shy about, nor do they need to make drastic changes to the device if feedback is overly negative.

Can I also submit a personal request and hope for a 3DS version of Advanced Wars whilst we're at it?

What are you hoping to hear when the Nintendo press conference for the 3DS is held on January 19th in New York? And would you like to get some hands-on playtime with the device prior to release if given the opportunity? Any thoughts or contributions you have on the matter, feel free to post them in the Comments section on this here blog.

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