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One last little opinion piece

So 2010 is coming to a close and we will be ushering in 2011 soon enough. New Year's Eve is upon us and New Year's Day is but a short time away. Hopefully the new year will bring with it a selection of interesting titles, innovations, positive surprises and not too many pitfalls (although they will inevitably happen along the way as well).

All the best to everyone from January onwards. Don't get too down about the VAT increase, other things and changes coming our way next year. Rolling through it is the human way to deal with it after all (something I need to learn more about  and will undoubtedly experience more of in the next few years).

See you in 2011!


Clarke O'Gara said...

Thanks Patrick. I look forward to new posts in 2011.

Patrick Honeyman said...

Cheers for the Comment. See you sometime in 2011 if you're up in Leeds again.