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KOF XIV gets a grand update, roster and release unveiled

Although we had become accustomed to weekly trailers for SNKs upcoming 3-on-3 fighter, The King of Fighters XIV,  this week we had to wait a little longer. Until today in fact. However the reward comes in the form of not just one trailer but three as SNK drops the mic by showing everyone the game's roster and a formal release date (at least in Japan and the US).

The game will see a release in its homeland on August 25th with the US supposedly getting it a couple of days earlier on the 23rd. In any case you can check out the trailers below showcasing the game's roster, features and the release date in question:

So what do you think of the recent trailer reveals for KOF XIV? Excited, neutral or do you still get hung up on the game's graphics? In any case feel free to leave your thoughts in the Comments section below (and fingers crossed we get a publisher and formal release date in Europe soon).

BONUS: SNK knows what their fans like and although it might seem a little like a money grab, the traditional costume of Kyo in his gakuran will be available as DLC for the game. Your can check it in action down below:

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