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American air force hero Guile is the next DLC character for Street Fighter V, videos show Critical Art and Guile theme

UPDATE: Capcom has released its trailer for Guile showcasing the American air force muscleman's possibilities in the game (looks like he's been taking tips from Popeye). Check it out below:

Although there have been rumours about who the next DLC character will be for Capcom's current fighter Street Fighter V, today we have received confirmation it will be none other than everyone's favourite American air force hero, Guile.

You can check out the blond flat-top wearing tough guy's in-game critical art and a sample of his SFV theme via the videos below (HINT: its quite slick in a summery-funk kind of way).

Chances are we will have to wait until the character's release before we get the official character trailer (my guess is next Wednesday April 27th but Capcom will have the final say on that).

What do you think of the addition of one of Street Fighter's most iconic characters to the game's roster? And will it be possible to remove the shades?

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