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Other works I have done around the internet

I don't think I've done this as of yet but it struck me like a bolt of lightning today (and given the weather we've been having recently I'm expecting that to happen any day now).

You can check daily news updates that I have been contributing for the last six months or so at the excellent Daily Gaming News (LINK), a wonderful website that is as per it's namesake and is definitely worth checking out.

Also, although I have been updating the blog with reviews you can also check out ones that I have done for the website Realm of Gaming (LINK) which is a decent and fully rounded place to check for all things gaming. You can see the reviews that I have contributed at the links below:

Final Fantasy XIII review
GOW III review
Heavy Rain review
Resonance of Fate review
Blazblue Portable review
Tatsunoko vs Capcom review

Happy reading and as ever, please leave feedback if you feel compelled. Also, look forward to a review of No More Heroes 2 which I should be updating soon after having finished writing the rough earlier today in what could possibly have been the most humid cafe in Leeds market ever (I'm surprised I didn't pass out!) Still, keep checking the blog for the review which will be up soon.

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