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And into July

Wow, so only one update in June? Yes, but June has been a really hectic month for me and things are only calming down again now. A lot has been happening in the games world what with E3, the unveiling of Microsoft's Kinect and the SONY Move devices together with Nintendo's 3DS as well. Usually summertime is a quite time for games and yet we seem to have had some of the biggest announcements in the gaming world yet. Maybe this is a sign of a changing trend with the big companies making their announcements at times of the year we expect to not hear anything.

Also, what do people think of the VAT hike to 20% next year? Supposedly games retailers will take the hit and not raise the price of their games on the shelves but the profit margin they will make on each game sold will be that much less as a result now. Independent retailers will appear to be the hardest hit with some supposedly waiting until the second or third week after a game is released before selling brand new copies due to the narrowed profits they will make. It sounds like pre-owned game sales will be more important than ever and hopefully a ban of the pre-owned market will not be enforced by law anytime soon, otherwise the gaming high street may be in big trouble!

Finally, a little know fighting title called The King of Fighters XIII is due for release on July 14th and what has been shown so far of the game makes for a very enticing and beautiful looking brawler. You can see som vids of the game in action below:

You can also chek out loads of stuff about the game, characters, game system and more at the KOF XIII official website at the link below:

KOF XIII official homepage

Looks like good weather this morning. Have a nice day!

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Clarke O'Gara said...

Mate I would be more worried about the withdraw of tax-breaks for computer game design companies that the 20% VAT hike.

I would hate to see Rockstar move abroad to Canada for instance where they still have the tax breaks for computer game companies.