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New Super Street Fighter IV trailer wants you to buy the game, yo! AND SSFIV pre-release tournament is a go!

been really busy these last couple of weeks so sorry for keeping you eager followers waiting there. Anyway, mini-update today as I've got a lot to do today but Capcom have put out a new TV spot to promote their upcoming release of Super Street Fighter IV. Iyou're not convinced on picking it up yet it wants you to go and buy it upon release, yo yo yo yo yo!

Whether you own SFIV or not it'll certainly be worth a look when the game is relased in the UK on April 30th. Given that it will be no more than £30.00 on release is another plus in its favour as well.

On another note, Neo Empire and Gamerbase Manchester are holding a pre-release all day event for the game on Saturday April 17th. If you want to participate in the trounament (new characters only) you will need to register on HMV's Gamerbase website, otherwise just come down to have a play with thegame per-release and have a laugh.

More information can be found HERE (thanks to Neo Empire)

To any of you who go, see you there next Saturday.


Bemused Wolf said...

Nice picture of you in Games TM this Month Paddy...

Smug git! :P

Patrick said...

Who be ye? I'm sure you're not an actual bemused wolf but cheers for the props all the same.