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Sorry I haven't updated for a while but I've been eleswhere in the country these last few days but I'm back now so expect more regular updates again.

In a recent event held by SNK Playmore in Akihabara they have shown their newest installment in the KOF franchsie, The King of Fighters XIII to the public.

The will also hold a location test this weekend at an arcade in Tokyo. Any of you critters who live nearby try to make it down and have a look!

Images are popping up on the internet. Neo Empire have some of them which you can view just underneath this text here!

Looks like the Gals Team from KOF '94 has been re-added and their is still space in the roster for 6 additional characters. Who could they be? Hopefully they'er welcome additions and we'll know for sure when the game is released in arcades this Summer.

Thanks to NEO EMPIRE for the images!


Nick said...

Anonymous said...

Gah....SUPAH SEXAY SELECTION SCREEN ACTIVATE!!! good god man, KOF XIII you just made my day!

Clarke O'Gara said...

I'm loving the new look to the site dude. Stop apologising for being away from the blog lol we know you have commitments dude. Fill us in on what you have been doing in your blog while you been away.

I love the picture at the top. Who took that photo? It is very classy!

I've got an idea for your blog, I'll send you an email.

Patrick Honeyman said...

Dave did when we went on holiday to Japan. Think I need to go back there this year. Let's see if I can capture that job now.