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KOF Tournament organiser Antanov trailer is live

It is uncommon that I post more than once a day on the blog so there must be a special reason. In the case of The King of Fighters XIV this is such a reason.

Cigar? Check. Immense blonde sideburns? Check.
Gold chain, watch, tournament belt and bejazzled dress shirt? Check.

Not only are the last three team trailers viewable on the blog but the trailer for the organiser of the latest King of Fighters tournament, Antonov, is available to watch for your viewing pleasure below.

I don't think there has been such a manly character in the KOF series ever. Attacking with mere flexing must be direct competition for the likes of Street Fighter's Zangief if I do say so myself (lol).

What do you think of the permanent cigar chewing and macho organiser boss of the newest KOF game? Post any thoughts you have in the Comments section below. Also be sure to like, share and follow the blog to receive my newest updates first.

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