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In a change to the regular updates, this entry touches upon something that I don't think I've mentioned at any point in my blog's history (although if you read my Street Fighter 4 review you'd probably get the jist from there). Anyone who's remotely played Street Fighter before will be aware that an update to last year's release of SF4 is recieving an update this Spring and more so than the re-releases of SFII in its prime, this is something that DLC alone will not suffice.

So far, we've been shown that the additional characters that will be added to this update will be:

- Juri
- Deejay
- T. Hawk
- Guy
- Cody
- Adon

Plus, from details and screenshots on the internet we can see that an additional 4 characters are yet to be announced. Rumours circulating the internet suggest that these are new face Hakan (an Indian-style wrestler) and 3 familiar faces returning from Street Fighter: Third Strike (they being Dudley, Ibuki and Makoto). Only time will tell if this is the case or otherwise but fingers crossed that these are the remaining characters to be added to the SSF4 mix!

In the meantime, check out this fellow's Youtube channel for recent video updates from CES where the most recent verion's build of SSF4 was available to play and get excited:

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Ken McFarlane said...

bring on Makoto! she be the beez kneezz!